Trench Coats For Your Wardrobe This Spring

They are a staple in any house, so here is a summary of trench coats for your wardrobe this spring.

They are a staple in any house, so here is a summary of trench coats for your wardrobe this spring.
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As it’s March, I would have really liked to have said it’s time to get the trench coats out from hibernation. But considering we have had snow last week, we may have to wait a bit longer. But, that means it’s the perfect time to start looking for the perfect trench coat if you don’t already have one, or if you need a new one. I have always had a love had relationship with trench coats because I love them on other people, but have always felt a bit out of place wearing mine. And for no reason other than I don’t think I wear it enough. So this spring I am going to make more of a conscious effort to grab for it, and hopefully we get some perfect spring weather for them. 

The key in shopping for a trench coat is understanding the different styles. Whether you want a cropped trench, a camel, stone or black trench. Double or single breasted. Or, this seasons most popular option, a linen blend trench coat. And if you haven’t worn a linen trench coat before, the linen blend trench coats make the perfect option as they are light weight, and can be slightly easier to style. 

But there are so many options out there, on the market, most typically priced from £50 upward for a good quality one. I think I paid around £65 for mine from ASOS a couple of years ago. However a trench coat is a timeless investment. It’s not something that will be going out of style… pretty much ever. So here are some of my suggestions if you are on the hunt for a trench coat this spring:

Monki Double Breasted Front Trench Coat:

This is your classic trench. Slightly oversized to allow for layering, the optional belt and the double breasted collar. 

COS Oversized Lightweight Trench Coat:

A matte black coat that offers a draping style over the body. One of the benefits includes adjustable elements to control the shape. 

ASOS DESIGN Check Trench Coat in Brown:

Lover of patterns? This check trench adds a little something else to your outfit, whilst still being easy to style because of the neutral tones.

ASOS DESIGN Linen Mix Trench Coat in Natural:

As I touched on, the linen mix trench coat is a perfect option for someone who has never invested before into a trench but wanting yo start out. 

Mango Oversized Leather-Effect Trench Coat:

I love the faux leather look on this trench, and I feel this will be slightly warmer than other options like the linen. 

Arket Short Trench Coat: 

And then for those who don’t like long line coats, this trench coat from Arket is the perfect option. It’s sleek and tailored for a gorgeous look.

Which trench coat would you pick? 

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  1. Melody Jacobs says:

    Trench coats are the absolutely best for spring.

  2. Danielle says:

    I am a sucker for a trench!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

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