How To Make £££ On Vinted By Selling Old Clothes

I’ve made over £500 selling my old clothes on Vinted and here are my top tips…

I've made over £500 selling my old clothes on Vinted and here are my top tips...
This post is not sponsored – just my own tips.

One thing about me is that I actually don’t buy that many clothes, believe it or not. However I have relatively limited wardrobe space, and so when I do purchase new clothing I do tend to swap in and out new for old. There are three things that I usually do when it comes to my old clothing. They either get donated to charity or H&Ms recycling scheme, or I sell them on Vinted. Typically if I didn’t wear a piece last season, it’s going. Because if I didn’t touch it last season there is a slim chance I will pick it up again next season. But I have made a fair amount through selling on Vinted so I wanted to give my tips.

(FYI this is not sponsored just based off my past experience).

I use Vinted to sell my clothing because I have experimented with a few other apps, however I found Vinted to be the easiest, smoothest and best platform if you need to contact anyone about any issues. In over two years of using it I have only ever had one hiccup with a product I have sold and they customer still ended up receiving it okay. I found I have sold a lot more on Vinted as it has a better algorithm in order to push your products to the right people. As well as that the selling and shipping process is seamless with the user having to pay so all you have to do is print out a label. 

My main tip with vinted is to make your product look appealing. Make sure you image is clear and bright. If you have a white wall, I recommend putting clothing against that because it will show the colours the best. Similarly, iron or steam anything first because a creased piece of clothing never looks that appealing. The more appealing your item, the more interested a customer will be. 

Secondly, make sure you name the brand and offer a good description. Vinted allows users to search for products, so the more keywords you put in the description, the more it will appear on the correct searches. 

If you find your piece aren’t selling, the best way to sell them is to delete and reupload them. I do find that especially if I am uploading a lot in one go, some pieces don’t get seen. So I will go through and reupload some that haven’t done as well, and then they often sell. 

And finally, buy shipping bags from Amazon. They are really affordable and make the packaging process so much quicker. Having good packaging will also lead to a better review because it makes it easy for the customer as well.

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