Lets Pay Homage To 2023

Let’s pay Homage To 2023… let’s talk about New Years resolutions.

Let's pay Homage To 2023... let's talk about New Years resolutions.

As we drift from one year to another, we say goodbye to everything that happened in the past year, and hello to resolutions we may or may not keep, and to the season of vision boards. We spent NYE in London, and whilst we were there, Jack asked what resolutions I was going to set this year. And I will be honest, I am not much of a resolutions person. I find it so weird to set goals for a whole year, knowing they will probably just end up being the typical ‘get fit’ or ‘eat better’ goals. So instead, of setting New Years resolutions I thought I would pay homage to 2023, with talking through some realistic goals I have put across my vision board.

I have a less typical approach to resolutions – I don’t need to tell myself I want to tone up a little bit, or to run more. I tell myself that every day anyway. Instead I wanted to use the time to really map out the realities of my year. I am not *big* into manifesting, however I do believe in it. I write out every morning what I am grateful for and manifestations, and I can visualise my higher self once I have achieved everything. But that’s about it. Oh – and I create a vision board. Last year was my first time setting goals each quarter (even though it became less regimented towards the end of the year). And it was also the first time doing a vision board. This year I really thought it through.

I wanted to take a more mindful approach to elements such as fitness. Rather than to lose ‘X’ amount of weight. I just added images of pilates, as it’s something I love and wish to continue to develop in 2023. I also wanted to be mindful about work goals. Work is a large part of my life so I included it on my vision board. But I also made it realistic. Also towards the end of last year, I abandoned goal setting and I did feel a bit lost and as if I was just drifting through life rather than achieving anything.

Rather than setting NYRs, vision boarding has been fun for me because you can really see yourself achieving those things throughout the year. For example, I included brown hairstyles as I am going to be focusing on the health of my hair, going back natural and making it long and glossy. I also added some images of styles I love as I really want to narrow down my purchases and my capsule wardrobe this year.

So this is to 2023. My word in business is expansion. But in my personal life I want it to be new & light. New experiences, new feelings (aka goodbye anxiety) and accepting change.

But whether you are making NYRs, vision boards, doing monthly goals instead to make them more achievable, I really hope you smash them. I would love to know what your goals are for 2023?

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