2022 Roundup

2022 Roundup

This will be one of my last posts of 2022! Which is crazy to think because in my opinion this year as gone so quickly. I know my blog posts have been more on the sporadic side this year so I thought I would roundup month by month the main things from this year. So if I did miss out on a few blog posts you can find all about what I did this year here in this 2022 roundup. 

January – I feel like January is always a quieter month after the Christmas slow down. However I went to Bath twice to see Jack and that is always a highlight of my month. More specifically we went to see a light show which was BEAUTIFUL. I also did a mini shoot for Thirty Five at home (little did I know at this point how my business would develop over the year!)

February – when I look back over my Feb camera roll I noticed one thing. GOOD FOOD. I went out for a lot of good food in February. From a little Cornish restaurant with my friend Sophie, to a bar with German snacks with jack, and then an all out valentines meal. My Lee Jeans campaign I had the chance to be apart of also was released in February which was a pinch me moment! At the end of the month Jack and I also went to Manchester where we watched a Man United game which was a birthday gift for Jack. 

March – in March Jack and I had a little weekend away in Barnstaple. We stayed in the cutest air bnb which was a small pod and it was beautifully remote. The weather also started warming up and this was the month I attempted running again (which obviously failed). 

April – Jack and I were invited for a meal at a gorgeous restaurant called The Bear Inn in Bath at the start of the month. And we also did a beautiful coastal walk to celebrate Easter which is a tradition we do each year. Jack and I went to some point to point races which I used to go to when I was younger so I loved sharing that experience with him. Finally at the end of April I hired an air bnb in Bath and had my first ever branding shoot for my business! 

May – we had some lush weather at the start of May and jack and I spent a lot of time in bath strolling around and enjoying this. This was also the start of beach trips which are a summer must. 

June – In June we flew to Scotland for a family wedding of Jacks which was beautiful and it was nice to have a little trip away. Myself and my mum also celebrated her birthday late this month which was a lovely lunch out. But unfortunately I also caught covid for the first time ever in June so spent at least a week of it in my bedroom. 

July – July started the BEST way by going to see Adele on the 1st. This was literally a DREAM COME TRUE. We had some amazing weather in July and I have a lot of sunset photos, bbq photos and cocktail photos on my camera roll. We also celebrated my grans 80th birthday with my whole family. 

August – At the start of August my friend Lauren and I jetted off to Majorca for a couple of days! And then after getting back Jack and I also went to the Cotswolds for the weekend (which was the hottest weekend of the year – so we spent a lot of it dodging the 40C heat). In august I also bought my new car! It was a life long dream car so it was a very big moment for me. At the end of the moment I got to shoot a campaign for Barbour which was surreal. 

September – I actually took a week off from work in September which was a change! I hadn’t taken much time off so I made myself so I felt more inspired than ever this month after some time away. I had a lovely lunch in the Ivy to celebrate my friend Sophie’s birthday. And at the end of September we celebrated Jacks graduation. 

October – October was the most work heavy month for me, so less to report on. However I discovered my new favourite restaurant in plymouth called the Early Bird Cafe. Jack and I also went Christmas decoration shopping!

November – my highlight of November was finally being able to witness and go to the Bath Christmas markets. It’s been on my list for years and it was a dream come true being able to go! 

December – at the start of December I headed up to london to meet some amazing other business owners who I have made connection with this year. I was such an amazing day and and I wish I can repeat it all over again. 

And this brings us up to date! I would love to know some of your highlights in the comments. 

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  1. hanmorris97 says:

    It sounds like you had such a lovely year… apart from catching COVID for the first time of course. I’ve always wanted to go to the Bath Christmas markets too, they look so dreamy. Definitely need to try and get down there this year. I hope you have a lovely 2023 xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

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