The NYE Party Playsuit You Need From Zara

The NYE Party Playsuit You Need From Zara because trust me it’s a keeper (+ other Rhinestone Zara Pieces)

The NYE Party Playsuit You Need From Zara because trust me it's a keeper (+ other Rhinestone Zara Pieces)

When I saw this playsuit on Zara I knew I had to purchase it. I feel like each year, Zara come out with a whole new party range which really sets the tone for other brands to follow the year after. Their styles are always so different and unique each year. Last year it was the iconic black satin dress with bow. This year it’s all about the rhinestones. So this is the NYE party playsuit you need from Zara. 

Before I fully get into it. YES. It’s a playsuit. It looks like a dress but it’s a playsuit. Which just makes this piece 10x better because it means when you are partying you can party in complete confidence. Playsuits for the win. (Plus with the oversized blazer style of the playsuit you can’t even tell).

But this is one of the most flattering items I have ever tried from Zara. I ordered a size S, and as normal with Zara items, it was slightly too small. However it did fit and it did look really flattering on. With the nature of the playsuit, and the rhinestones falling diagonally, it really pulls in the waist. Coined with the shoulder pads it really gives an hour glass figure look. 

I actually thought it was navy from the images on the website, however it is a black playsuit. Which clashes well with the rhinestones really making them pop.

I think the thing I loved most was it was really high quality. For the price (only £55.99) I thought it was worth around £80 in comparison to what other brands might charge for an outfit like this. 

The only downside to it is that it’s currently out of stock. But as mentioned, Zara tend to focus on one thing in their party collections and this year it’s rhinestones. So I thought I would link the playsuit (incase it comes back in stock) and some other rhinestone pieces you could add into your NYE outfits. Because who doesn’t want to add sparkle into seeing 2023 in?!

Playsuit – https://www.zara.com/uk/en/blazer-playsuit-with-rhinestone-fringing-p09878058.html

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