The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

n previous years I have done multiple gift guides. Those for her, for the fashion lover, for the fitness lover, for him, for your mother, you name it. However this year I wanted to do something a little bit different. Instead I have decided to collate all my ideas into one massive blog post because it will be easier for you to go back to, and also I am hoping the choices will be more mindful and resonate with you. So this is my Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide…

Something Small…

Something small is one of the trickiest but also one of my most favourite categories. I think that is because it is one of the categories I shop within the most when looking for friends or Secret Santas. I have tried to keep these under £30 to be flexible for your budget. But the small things are often the pieces that people really want, but can’t justify spending on themselves. For example a luxury scrunch instead of hair bands, or some hotel chocolate chocolates. Even some nice Tumblr glasses.

All Things Clothing

When it comes to gifting clothing, unless you know the person you are buying for like the back of your handy, it can be a bit tricky – everyone has different tastes after all. But if you are looking for something clothing wise to gift this year, I would recommend keeping it simple. Stick to neutrals, basics and pieces that they can elevate into their own style easily. Things such as t-shirts or coats will be worn year after year and layering pieces are often the pieces we need the most in our wardrobes.

The Home Expert

If anyone buys me any home gifts it honest warms my heart. I am not a homeowner *yet* however I am very much in the process of collecting things for the bottom draw. Often, when moving into a new place, or even if you have been somewhere for a long time, the home details can go a missed. Adding or purchasing something for someone that might lift their room and refresh it can be so lovely as it’s something they may not deem a necessity and therefore purchase themselves.

For Those Who Love Beauty…

Beauty lovers is always one of the easier categories I find, as quite often big beauty retailers have the best gifting section on their website. So this year I have specifically linked Look Fantastic products mainly because their Christmas bundles and page this year it elite. I wanted to find some bundles that were really good value for whoever your buying for.

Food Fanatics…

Normally when you think food based gifts, you may think hampers, and chocolate or coffee kits. But this year I wanted to suggest food related gifts that will last – so more along the lines of equipment but still pieces that are beautiful enough to make lovely gifts. My personal favourite is Anthropology because even though it has a slightly higher price point, their products and design is unmatched.


I would definitely fall under this category for gift giving. But purchasing a little work specific gift for someone you know is a workaholic will life up their time working. My personal favourite is the phone stand, because I have one and it’s literally the best thing invented.

Fitness Fans…

If there is one brand for sportswear I would recommend this year it is Adanola. I have a pair of Black Adanola leggings and they are top tier leggings. I wear them more so for everyday and that is the beauty of their active collection – it’s perfect for fitness lovers who want the versatility of both. Other ideas include water bottles and also other equipment – I even have some on my Wishlist.

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