How To Get The Best Deals This Black Friday For High End and High Street

How To Get The Best Deals This Black Friday For High End and High Street

A report was released the other day sharing how something as high as 60% of brands have been increasing their prices over the last few months in preparation for the Black Friday sales – meaning you are technically purchasing at standard price rather than getting it as a discount. Now usually, the only Black Friday shopping I do is presents for family and friends. This year I most likely won’t be taking advantage of that, purely because we have been preparing so much for Black Friday for my clients over at Thirty Five The Studio, I have completely forgotten about looking myself. It still doesn’t stop me looking at how to get the best deals this Black Friday though.

However I have set some time aside on Friday to have a look, but under the knowing anything I purchase is a wise purchase. With the cost of living crisis I want to be more aware of the brands I am sharing this Black Friday and whether they are *actually* discounting their products or not. 

Zara – Discount – 20-30% .

Zara don’t do sales frequently. And last year was the first year that they did a typical Black Friday sale offering discount on select pieces such as coats. Let’s pray they do the same this year.

Reformation – 25% of everything.

Reformation is a higher end shop from this list, typically known for its luxe dresses. If you are a lover of fine dresses that are timeless for events like weddings this will be a good time to invest into your wardrobe with them. 

H&M – 30% off but 20% off already for members. 

If you aren’t a H&M member I recommend signing up. It’s free, and a lot of the time, before they do a sale, they do a pre-sale for members only. They have done this every year, however there is a possibility the discount will increase on Black Friday itself. 

Mejuri – 20% off everything when you spend £100. 

For the jewellery lovers. Mejuri have lovely pieces that are of amazing quality. And it is the only time you will get each year to shop their products and get a % off. 

Astrid & Miyu – 25% off everything.

I love Astrid & Miyu pieces so I had to throw this one in there. Their pieces are so chic and minimal and make the perfect Christmas gift! It’s offering 25% off everything this year and they are known for their Black Friday sales.

ASOS – 50-70% off.

Now asos are suggesting this is their biggest sale ever. And I would take caution to this one. Whilst I love Asos, shop mindful at to the brands that are on discount. Don’t let those big % sway your mind. But because of the huge amount of stock they have there are bound to be some gems. 

Gymshark – Up to 60% off everything.

The gym shark sale is normally one of my favourites because I swear by their activewear for working out and so it is usually the time of year I treat myself to some new pieces. However not all their pieces, such as their new collections will be massively discounted – but this means their classics and staples will be.

Mango – up to 50% off.

Mango always stock some great wardrobe basics and essentialist, such as striped t-shirts and boots. So whilst they have a discount perhaps have a look at some of your basics and replace or upgrade them?

French Connection – 30% off everything.

I love French Connection because they do beautiful elevated pieces that suit going from work, to drinks or needing something to wear that isn’t comfy jumpers all day everyday in my case.

Where will you be shopping this Black Friday?

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