Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Must Haves

The autumn capsule wardrobe must haves to make sure every autumn outfit you wear is chic and easy to style.

The autumn capsule wardrobe must haves to make sure every autumn outfit you wear is chic and easy to style.

This is my sixth autumn of blogging about fashion, and honestly, I love it most and more every year. With the days looking to get colder, the mornings being darker when the 7:00AM alarm goes off. The cosiness that autumn brings is truly something I love, and I love being able to put that into the items I wear everyday. In autumn, I feel my style comes a bit more to life. Often in summer, I am stood in front of my wardrobe wondering what to wear every morning. But autumn styling really excites me.

But also, as much as I would love to snap up everything in the shops each autumn, I prefer making sure any pieces I do buy, are capsule wardrobe ready – meaning they can be pulled out each autumn season without worrying what to style it with, or whether it’s on trend or not.

Having a capsule wardrobe means you can pull something out of the closet and feel like you can match it effortlessly with anything else that you also pull out. Especially for the cooler months when layering comes to play, having a capsule wardrobe can make it not only easier but more practical as well.

Here are some autumn capsule wardrobe must haves:

1. Duster Coat

I have a few different duster coats in my wardrobe, more so because I am a bit of a coat collector – however they are a wardrobe must for me. They tend to be my go-to coat to throw on anything from jeans, loungewear or leather leggings. They also make any outfit look chic.

2. Striped Jumper

Does this one need any explanation? Striped jumpers can come in all different forms and styles each season, but once you have one or two in the wardrobe then you are set. They are throw on pieces that will never fail you when you are styling an outfit.

3. Trench Coat

Autumn can be one of the most changeable seasons weather wise, so if you need a coat which is stylish but also practical for all weathers then a trench coat is the perfect addition to an autumn capsule wardrobe.

4. Ballet Pumps

A popular option for this year, and most likely to stay is the ballet pumps. They are giving me pure nostalgic vibes and I am actually on the hunt for the perfect pair myself to add to my wardrobe.

5. LBD Party Dress

The most important part about this suggestion is that you have an LBD which could be suitable for multiple occasions. Drinks with the girls, a work meeting, a Christmas meal etc. I loved this Hush one because the velvet is timeless.

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