What To Consider When Going To Palma

In July, myself and my friend Lauren jetted off to Palma for a couple of days, so here is what to consider if you are going to Palma, Mallorca.

At the end of July, myself and my friend Lauren headed to Palma, Mallorca from Bristol UK. We had spoken about going away for s short break this summer, and had a few different places in mind such as Barcelona, Malta but we ended up choosing Palma. As I had never been to Spain, or the Balearics before I thought I would just give a few pointers on what to consider when going to Palma – because when Lauren and I started planning our trip, we had to do a fair bit of research into what to do etc. And this is a post that I would have LOVED to have read before going.

I finally got to put my GCSE Spanish to use (FYI I remembers barely any so that was not helpful), however in and around Palma most people do speak English to an extent, which is probably not surprising as it is more of a tourist city than other parts of the island. We definitely noticed the further away from Palma you got, there was more of a language barrier so if you aren’t staying in Palma itself it might be worth dusting off your Spanish dictionaries.

However we had such a nice time away, and were away from three full days (four nights) which did feel like the right amount of time to spend there and in the heat. So here are my main pointers for if you are going to Palma:

1 – Most buses are only €2 a single ticket (you don’t need to state where you are going like in the UK), and it is easiest to pay in cash. The buses took a little bit of getting your head around and the first time we got the bus it was a bit of an experience. Bus is by far the cheapest way to get around Palma, and there are so many different routes you will be able to get to where you are going with them quite easily. However I recommend downloading the app Moovit as it gave us all the bus times, routes and you could simple pop where you want to go to from your current location and it would give you the best routes.

2 – Really look at whereabouts you are staying. Lauren and I stayed in a lovely hotel in Can Pastilla. Can Pastilla is a great place if you want food & drink places, a beach on your door step and a relaxing holiday. But it is a typical tourist and holiday zone. We stayed on the edge of it, but it was nice because on our first night we literally walked out of our hotel and went to a nice bar. However if you want something more traditionally Spanish then I believe going towards the other side of Palma or towards Cala Blava is a good place to stay.

3 – Definitely spend some time at a beach club. There are quite a few beach club options around Palma from £ to £££ and Lauren and I went to one about 20 mins drive (1 hour 30 mins on the bus) away from our hotel. And it was nice to spend the full afternoon being waited on, and having a pool and loungers to yourself. We actually went to a beach club which was shown in Love Island (we booked prior to it being on the show) so we didn’t know how busy it would be but it was nice and quite and very peaceful. If you want a day for relaxing before travelling back I would recommend Shiva Beach club.

4 – Taxi’s. Before going to Palma, we were looking into the best ways to get taxis, because in Palma there is no such thing as Uber. In fact any services like Uber are illegal and you have to get a registered taxi. They are easy to spot, usually white with a red and yellow stripe down the middle of the sides. They aren’t mega expensive either so if you prefer taxis they are quite easy to flag down.

5 – We would definitely recommend booking a boat trip. Lauren and I, on the Monday, did a catamaran tour which lasted five hours, from 3PM to 8PM, and we went North of Palma towards Malaga way. It included two stops where you could get off the boat and swim in the ocean, and also a meal. (They also had very cheap wine). But it was a great way to see more of the coastline, sunbathe on the boat and also it covered our food for the evening. And it was only £47 each which was really good considering you got food and the excursion. We booked through the easyJet app however you can also book through GetYourGuide which is an app where you had to receive your tickets.

I would love to know if you have been to Palma before and what your experience was like.

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