The Zara Satin Dress You Need For Summer

This is the dream Zara satin dress that you need for summer, and it’s only £30…

This is the dream Zara satin dress that you need for summer, and it's only £30...

The other week, you might have seen that I went to see Adele in London. YES ADELE! I was so excited and it was such a dream. However I was meant to be spending the weekend in London (in the end I didn’t). But when I thought I was, I was on the hunt for a dress which I could wear out to a nice bar, but not be too club like. I am not a clubbing person, so I want to make sure that whatever dress I bought could be worn for different occasions. And then I found this Zara satin dress.

I actually had a Tik Tok last month that went a little bit viral, complaining about another Zara dress that I had ordered in my usual size, but it didn’t fit. Zara sizing can be a bit off, so I wasn’t 100% sure what this dress would fit like. And when I tried it on, I wasn’t 100% either. But it was a grower, and I now absolutely love it.

The appeal to this dress for me, is the chic simplicity of it, and the fact I can see it being worn for multiple different occasions. For example, it can be worn to a bar, for a nice meal out. It could be worn on holiday, or for a party. And my wardrobe lacks any sort of dress that could be suited for a night in a bar etc. So finding a dress that could work for that, but also other occasions is perfect.

This Zara satin dress comes in three different colours, white, black and pink and has a deep plunging v-neck neckline. However my one worry about the neckline was that it would be too revealing. However the dress is set so you can either wear it with or without a bra. And I found that with a bra, allowed it to be a plunging neckline, but it was also modest and you wouldn’t worry about flashing anything.

And one of the best bits about this dress was the price. It is only £36. That is one thing that I appreciate about Zara, is that often their prices are quite reasonable for the style of their products. Also the gathered fabric at the waistline really helps pull in the waist, and would work perfectly for any hourglass or apple shaped bodies.

You can find the dress here.

What do you think about this dress? I want to know your thoughts!

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    Such a beautiful item!

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