June Recap

It’s been a while since I have said hello, so let’s have a catch-up and June recap.

Hello everyone, it has (yet again) been a hot minute since a new blog post, because June has gone in a flash. So I thought I would just give a little run down of how June has gone, and share a few images above from the month. The 1st of June literally feels like yesterday so I can’t really believe how fast it has gone. And of course, I started the month by having my hair touched up, and going to the beach. And let me tell you… I have had my hair share of fish and chips this month.

The most exciting thing from June was that Jack and I, and his family, flew up to Scotland for a wedding at the beginning of June. It was a nice little break from reality and it was lovely celebrating. I have had a few days OOO from work this month, which has been a great test of my work/life boundaries. It is still something I am working on, and this month has been yet another massive learning curve in business. Especially this last week, I have really learnt more about what I want to be offering and who I want (and don’t) want to be working with.

However after getting back from the wedding, I actually tested positive for covid. And I think that is why the month went so quickly – because I spent a lot of it either isolating or still struggling with symptoms. It actually hit me a lot more than I thought it would so I am gradually going back to normal in terms of fitness and not having the dreaded cough. But a lot of working from bed, and drinking hot lemon and honey happened within those two weeks.

When I was finally allowed out, my mum and I celebrated her belated birthday (it was in March), but we haven’t had the chance to celebrate yet. So we head out for a walk and some pub lunch last weekend. It was also a weekend off work which is normally not the case so it felt nice and relaxing.

This was a very quick little June recap, however make sure to follow my Instagram at @emilyclareskinner to keep up to date with what I am doing. Let me know what you got up to in June below!

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    Such a great recap sweetie!

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