Items In My Wardrobe I Would Buy Again

My top purchases? Items I don’t regret buying? Here are some items in my wardrobe I would buy again … and again and again.

My top purchases? Items I don't regret buying? Here are some items in my wardrobe I would buy again ... and again and again.

Do you ever sometimes look at some of the items in your wardrobe and thing ‘Why on EARTH did I buy that?’. Because I used to do that exact thing. I would pick up items in the sales (the Topshop sales would always get me the most) thinking they were a bargain. And then in reality I would wear it once or twice before deciding I actually wasn’t that much of a fan of it. And don’t lie to me… we have all been there. I think it has a thing to do with age for me. When I was younger, and only earning £3.5 an hour, I had this new found sense of accomplishment and I therefore spent pretty much every single penny I earned. Now, when I am earning a decent wage with my business, I spend nowhere near the amount I used to.

However when it comes to buying pieces, if I do I make sure it is an investment piece. Something that I will wear over and over again. And they therefore, tend to be pieces I would be happy buying again if I had/wanted to. So in true capsule wardrobe fashion, here are some of the pieces I would personally buy again. Whether it be because I love them so much, they are a staple or they simply are my most worn pieces, these are ones that will always have a place in my wardrobe.

Zara Leather Slingback Heel with Chain Detail

Yes these are the STUNNING heels in the image above. Aren’t they just ‘wow’ heels? I bought these for my graduation at the end of last year and I have loved them since. I will admit, I don’t have too many occasions where I end up wearing heels as trainers are my go-to. However I think it is key to have a pair of black heels in your wardrobe for occasions when you do. And with these heels, I have always received compliments on them when I have worn them. The detail fo the gold chain just take it to a whole new level of chic, and make them look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

ANINE BING Hooded Sweatshirt

I did a blog post a little while ago about my recent purchase of my Anine Bing hoodie that I treated myself to (find it here). Since I bought the hoodie from Farfetch, it’s been hard to get it off of me. I will honestly wear it at any opportunity. It is possible one of the softest and most comfortable hoodies I have worn. But not only that, but it fits really nicely. I have found with a lot of hoodies I have tried before, that they don’t have that dream slightly oversized fit I desire from a hoodie. The structure and sizing of it is just perfect. So much so I am considering buying a new one as they have some beautiful new colour ways out. And the best thing about Anine Bing hoodies is that they don’t release too many colour ways so you know your purchase will be on trend year after year.

Coach Handbags

I have had my Coach handbag for almost a year now (which in all transparency was gifted to me). And I would recommend to anyone looking to treat themselves to a nice handbag. Coach handbags have a varying scale of prices from £200 to £400 so depending on your price range there are some great different options. I know mine was the lower end, and it is the perfect black handbag to take on any occasion. They are amazing quality and timelessly designed so they will never go out of fashion.

Zara Halter Neck Bodysuits

Zara bodysuits are one of my ultimate basics in my wardrobe. I have one in both black and white and they are just so versatile in the ways in which they can be styled or layered. They are really affordable and have a really flattering fit. They have a snap fastening at the bottom and a halter neck style to them which I love for the summer. I would re-buy them because they aren’t too expensive and but I get a lot of wear out of them. They probably would have to be replaced every year or so as they can bobble up a bit on the waistline when rubbing again jeans etc.

Converse Black Low-Tops

I can actually voucher for the fact that I have re-bought these on multiple occasions. If you haven’t got a pair of Converse in your wardrobe I would be very surprised. I even had two pairs of these exact ones at one point – one for just running around and the other a slightly nicer pair. They are just a pair of trainers you know you can style with pretty much any outfit and they are also only £55 making them on the more affordable end of branded trainers.

What would you re-buy out of your wardrobe? Let me know below!

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  1. I LOVE those shoes oh my goodness! I would definitely rebuy my Veja shoes, my BLANK leather jacket, Madewell jeans, and my Thursday boots!

    xo Logan

  2. Danielle says:

    Those shoes are amazing. The other items sound amazing!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

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