I Tried Heatless Curls And Here’s What Happened…

I attempted heatless curls for the first time and here’s what happened and the results.

I attempted heatless curls for the first time and here's what happened and the results.

When I say I cannot curl my hair, I mean I cannot curl my hair. I am probably one of the most cack-handed people when it comes to doing my own hair, and that’s why my go-to style is to straighten it. Sweet and easy. But I do get jealous over those people who can curl their hair and make it look so seamless, quick and easy. I either cannot do it right, or it takes me hours. So in an attempt to find a way that actually works I tried heatless curls for the first time and thought I would share my review of it with you.

I went to the hairdressers back in February for a little pamper session, where they curled my hair and despite it being freshly washed. It lasted until I next washed my hair (which is typically every 4-5 days). But I have found in the past trying to curl it myself, that if I do it on freshly washed hair it will drop pretty quickly. So when trying this, I tried it on second day hair so it wasn’t completely freshly washed.

I have seen a lot of heatless curl tutorials floating around Tik Tok and Instagram reels, and never really know which would suit me best. I wasn’t a huge fan of just using a dressing gown robe like a lot of them do, because I would have found it really uncomfortable to sleep on. So I bought this heatless hair curler tool off of Amazon:


There are thousands of different yet similar heatless curlers on Amazon like this one. However I chose this one because it looked a bit flatter in shape meaning it might have been more comfortable to lie on over night when you sleep. The idea around it being silk is also that it will leave your hair in really nice condition as well.


With this heatless curler, you have to place the band over the top of your head and then wrap your hair each side around the curler and secure it in place using the scrunchies. The idea with the heatless curler is that unlike other hair tools it isn’t meant to pull on your hair follicles, dry your hair out or cause hair loss.

It took me a coupe of go’s to get the hang of wrapping the hair around the curler whilst watching a Tik Tok on how to do it. You have to pull the hair tight so that the curls end up staying in place overnight and also to make sure they form the right shape. But one thing that was mentioned in the comments on the video that I watched was that you have to place the curler further back on your head so the hair at the back of your head isn’t left flat and is also included in the curls.

I then slept with the curler in over night. And to be completely honest I didn’t notice it. I am one of those people that has to be comfy, in darkness and in silence to sleep so any distractions like wearing my hair up in bed can be irritating to me. But this I found fine to sleep in and it didn’t break my sleep like I thought it would.


When I took the curler out the next morning I was pleasantly surprised. The curler had worked really well leaving me with the curls in the photo above. I was a bit unsure at first with how the curls started around the top of my head, however as they dropped a bit it started to look more natural. But my curls were left shiny and healthy, unlike when I curl my hair with the straighteners and it ends up feeling really dry.

Now the question I know a lot of people ask when it comes to heatless curls is how long do the curls last? There was a noticeable drop during the day, with the curls starting off really well formed like in the image above, and then by the end of the day my hair looked more like a natural blow dry. Saying that, they dropped really nicely so either way you had a really pretty hairstyle. But that is the staying power on day two hair, without any curl products or without dampening the hair.

I know that they recommend in the tutorial I watched to dampen the ends of your hair when you put it until the curler so that it will then dry into that curl. And I have also spotted a GHD curl spray which I think I might treat myself to to see whether it makes the curls hold longer. So I do think, if you followed these steps the curls would stay in a lot longer. I will try this next time and update this post so you can see if the different attempts make a difference in the curls.


Overall I was actually pleasantly surprised by the heatless curls and how easy they actually were to achieve. Putting them around the curler didn’t take long and you can wake up and your hair be ready. Let me know in the comments if you have ever trialled this method of heatless curls.

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