How To Juggle Instagram, Business, Work & Life

A guide on how to juggle Instagram, business, work & everything that life throws at you.

Hello everyone, it’s been a little while since my last blog post, because I have been really busy behind the scenes working at Thirty Five The Studio. This is quite ironic considering this blog post is about juggling Instagram, blogging, business, and work. I’ve not had a mini hiatus from blogging in a long time, if not ever so I think I am a good example that no matter how much you try and organise your life, sometimes it’s just not possible. 

However, I still think I am fairly good at being organised and being able to juggle Instagram, business, work, and everything else in life. I have had to be for the last however many years since starting my blog and Instagram. I started as a hobby, and whilst it’s earned me some money over the last couple of years it’s not enough to make a living and it’s still more of a hobby to me. So I still have to work (in my case run a business) and maintain a bit of social life. I did this all the way through my A-levels, university whilst having jobs too. So as it was asked over on my Instagram, I thought I would mention some of the things I do to try and stay as organised as I can to juggle everything.

1 – Google Calendar. I absolutely love Google calendar and have done ever since starting my business. I pretty much time block every day (apart from weekends) so that I can keep on track with my tasks, hold myself accountable and plan my week out. 

2 – Lists. I am a sucker for a good list. I have a Notion page where I write out to-do lists for my business, for my blog, urgent things, and also general life to-dos. Then I can assess what I need to do more so than others and then if I finish a task during the week early or plans change I can squeeze in the less urgent tasks.

3 – Being strict. I don’t want to come across as being self-righteous but I think I am quite good at being strict with myself. As much as I do sometimes procrastinate when my boyfriend sends me a tik tok video or when Below Deck is on, I am generally quite good at making sure I get the work done. 

4 – Plan in advance. I would love to live like some full-time content creators and create new content each week to go up the next day. But because I am working full time with my business I can’t do this. So I plan things where I can in advance. From my Instagram feed to email marketing for my business, this is one of the things that has mainly allowed me to do everything at once.

5 – Make sure you give your self break. I think this is really important and it’s something I have become better with the last year as I’ve had a little bit more of a luxury of time running my own business. But if I see my boyfriend for the weekend I will stay far away from work, if it’s a Sunday I will always make sure to prioritise anything other than work. Making sure you include breaks in your routine will stop you from burning out.

I think a lot of it is mindset and time blocking for me. I also use a physical planner on a day-to-day business to make sure everything is done that I planned that day. 

Do you find juggling life, work, and everything else that is thrown at you hard? Or do you feel like you have it sorted? Leave a comment and let me know your secrets.

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