My Realistic Morning Routine

Take a look into my realistic morning routine during the week…

Take a look into my realistic morning routine during the week...

Happy Tuesday everyone. I realised that in my whole (nearly) six years of blogging, I have never done a morning routine blog post. Which to me, is a bit strange as I actually have a pretty set morning routine. I am a sucker for a good routine and honestly couldn’t do without it. Working from home and being self-employed gives a very high chance of slipping into the whole ‘oh just 10 more minutes’ routine. Fortunately I think I have always had pretty good boundaries and I aim to stick for a 9-5 working routine during the week. So my morning routine can see some sort of structure.

Of course, at the weekend this does go out the window, because as much as I love routine in the week, I also love my sleep. So I do tend to just wake up when my body wakes up at the weekend – especially if I am with Jack as he loves his sleep even more than I do. But then it’s the weekend so lie ins are allowed. But here is what my typically weekday morning routine looks like.

7:10 am – My first alarm goes off and naturally get’s put on snooze.

7:20 am – My second alarm goes off and I then actually wake up.

7:20-7:40 am – I like to wake up gently and not spring out of bed first thing, so I have about 20 mins to wake up, complete my Wordle, write my journal etc.

7:45 am – Skincare. I usually wash and cleanse my face and then apply my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream.

7:50-8:15 am – Breakfast. I pretty much normally have baked oats in some variation every morning so I make this, and bake it and then make a coffee, take vitamins and have a yogurt whilst waiting.

8:15 am – Engage & post on Instagram. I normally post on Instagram in the morning around this time. I will then engage for half an hour in the evenings too. But other than that this is my time to go on Instagram and then stay off it for the rest of the day.

9:00 am – Get ready. At 9 I then get ready, get dressed for the day and do my makeup if I have a call or am planning to go out. If I do my makeup it can take me a little bit longer to get ready so if I know I have to I will start work at 9:30 am.

9:15 am – Log on my computers, make my to-do lists, glance over emails and start work.

And that is pretty much my whole morning routine. Whilst I am on Instagram I will pop on the TV so it’s chill and I can catch up on Netflix or the news. As I said before, I am a lover for a routine so most of my mornings look like this.

What do your morning routines look like?

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  1. Danielle says:

    I am trying to be so productive now in a morning because it helps me with motivation through the day!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

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