What I Got For Christmas

Take a look into at what I got for Christmas last year…

Take a look into at what I got for Christmas last year...

I know I am late with this blog post (okay, a little more than late) but I have been snowed under with work, but I have been dying to do this blog post or you. I don’t think I have actually ever done a What I Got For Christmas blog post in my whole nearly 6 years of blogging. And I don’t really know why, but I never used to like the idea that people might think I am bragging. I love watching these type of Youtube videos because it actually gives me inspiration on what I can add to my list for next year.

But I do just want to pre-emphasis this by saying by no means am I bragging or do I want it to come across like this. I feel like these posts are popular are people love having a little nose into what people get at Christmas.

I have always been a big gift giver, and I love buying gifts for other people. In fact I do pride myself in my gift giving skills. I got my mum a Jo Malone perfume as she loved the scent from a sample, and a coat for my dad that he wanted. For jack, I bought him tickets to see Man United play in February. But this years Christmas was a little bit different because my brother tested positive for COVID a few days before. So we ended up having two Christmas Day’s which was just a good excuse for my Prosecco and more pigs in blankets.

But I got some really lovely things for Christmas – and my birthday as my birthday is a week before (so I have included a mix of both). Jack bought me a load of lush pieces as well as a pair of Ugg slippers. And my parent bought me a gorgeous embroidered jumper from Zara. I finally got some nude nail shellac nail polishes – I bought some last year but I never got a nice shade. And Jack’s mum also got me a gorgeous White Company candle because they are just my all-time go-to.

I have linked what I can below, but let me know what you got for Christmas in the comments!

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