Ethical Jewellery For Christmas

A little Christmas review for those looking for some gorgeous and ethical jewellery …

A little Christmas review for those looking for some gorgeous and ethical jewellery ...
Ad-Gifted – this blog post includes featured pieces from ANUKA Jewellery.

About two years ago on my blog I wrote about how I wanted to make a more conscious effort with my jewellery. I was very much that person to wear the same earrings every day and not take advantage of some of the pieces that I had in my collection. Now, I am finding new pieces, wearing new pieces and really elevating my outfits and collection. They say it takes 90 days to form a habit so I think my jewellery one is well and truly formed! But most excitingly about this I have been adventuring with new jewellery brands and discovering some amazing small businesses along the way. And even dipping my toes into ethical jewellery!

When we talk about fast fashion, I feel jewellery can be quite overlooked. Any accessories for that matter. But when you buy pieces from your high-street options you don’t realise the process that goes behind those items and how it is contributing to the fashion industries level of pollution – and that’s scarily high with fashion being one of the most polluting industries on the plant. But this is where ANUKA jewellery comes in. I first discovered ANUKA back in September, drawn in by their gorgeous minimal designs and photography. But I was happily surprised that ANUKA is actually an ethical jewellery brand founded by Francesca Kippax in 2014.

A little Christmas review for those looking for some gorgeous and ethical jewellery ...

Francesca believes in transparency with her brand from the supply chain, to the materials used within her products. Fortunately the sent me some pieces from their Loka collection. Loka, meaning free motion, compromises of gorgeous contemporary pieces that have twisted and flowing elements. Their pieces from every collection are hand crafted. They created alongside tech company Provenance to use a block chain technology to remain as sustainable and ethical as possible.

I am all for minimalist and clean designs and that is exact what the Loka collection offer. I love the ring as it stacks really well again other rings I own. And it also offers a perfect level of detail. Meanwhile the curve hoops earrings are the perfect size hoop for all occasions. I don’t own any silver hoops so they make an amazing element to my collection whilst making my collection more sustainable. They are made out of recycled materials including fairmined gold which is 100% recycled.

A little Christmas review for those looking for some gorgeous and ethical jewellery ...

I personally just think it is so important to not miss out on any of the small details when it comes to sustainability. I think it can be quite easy to. So whether you are like me, looking for ethical options to change their buying patterns. Or if you have a loved one or friend who is passionate about where their items are sourced, then ANUKA is an amazing option. From a special Christmas present, to a festive anniversary, jewellery pieces can make sentimental and life long present investments.

You can find ANUKA’s pieces here.

Have you ever looked into buying ethical jewellery pieces?

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