H&M Autumn Sale Selects

Currently the H&M Autumn Sale is on so here are some of my favourite pieces and selects from their website.

Currently the H&M Autumn Sale is on so here are some of my favourite pieces and selects from their website.

Is there anything better than someone saying H&M sale? I have mentioned before how I am not a fan of sales that are in store – I find it too messy and clunky. But online – it’s something I am obsessed with. As a H&M fan, I find they have the perfect balance of minimal pieces and practical pieces to suit my neutral style tastes. So when I heard about the H&M Autumn Sale I had to head to their website. There are so many pieces in the sale, including pieces I already had my eye on. So this is your official reminder that the H&M Autumn Sale is on and you need to have a look.

I thought I would choose out some pieces that I did have my eye on, and ones that I fell in love with when scrolling through the sale. There are some real bargains and also a lot of dresses. So if you are on the hunt for a possible Christmas party number, then there are some really good options. Another thing that is popular in this sale is knitwear – there are some great knitwear pieces that are still in stores too.

Also, I want to point out that the majority of the links used will be affiliate links. It just means that if you buy that product through my link, I will get a percentage of the money… helps me out. But it doesn’t make it more expensive for you, and it will be marked with an *.

Off-The-Shoulder Jumper – £13.00* (48% off) – I saw their off-the-shoulder jumper collection in store the other week and it gave me a nostalgic throwback to when I would wear off-the-shoulder jumpers in 2011. I had a black and pink stripy off the shoulder jumper dress so this would be a big upgrade.

Non-Padded Underwired Lace Bra – £8.00* (47% off) – I tend to buy a lot or nearly most of my underwear from H&M as I find they last a really long time, and they do a great variety of essentials and something a little bit more special. I love non-padded black lace bras like these and £8 for a bra is a bargain.

Oversized Cashmere Cardigan – £75.00* (25% off) – I have been wanting to invest into some cashmere and wool knits so when they are on sale is the best time to get them. This cardigan looks like such a good wardrobe staple for all year around.

Chain Detail Jumper – £12.00* (52% off) – I can’t quite believe this jumper is in the sale with over 50% off. I very nearly picked this up in store the other week. I am glad I didn’t because I would have been a bit annoyed now its in the sale. Such a a gorgeous and elegant jumper for the festive season!

Knitted Chasmere Trousers – £55.00* (31% off) – I can only imagine how comfortable these trousers will be. If we have to go back to working from home these might be a good purchase because they look very stylish but max comfort! The best combination!

Knitted Dress in Cream – £19.00* (46% off) – I absolutely love the necklace on this jumper dress. I have a jumper from H&M with a similar neck line and it is really flattering. This is another dress new into store that is now on sale so a good investment!

Fringed Scarf – £6.00* (40% off) – I am actually on the hunt for a new grey scarf. The one I have had is getting on a bit so for £6 this might be my new winter accessory purchase for the season. They have a lot of scarfs in the sale so if you are looking for presents for friends or family they would make a great option.

Smocking-Detail Dress – £7.00* (53% off) – Can you believe this dress is only £7? I picked this out as I thought it was a great all round dress. If you are looking for a Christmas party dress that can be reworn for other occasions then this is a good choice.

Quilted Ballet Pumps – £9.00* (50%) – A great wardrobe edition for a shoe that will go with any outfit, casual or formal. Also a great option if you want some flats for a Christmas party – as a flat shoe lover these would be my pick over heels!

Shimmering Metallic Dress – £7.00* (46% off) – Another party dress which can be reworn for multiple occasions. I love little slip dresses like these. They also do this dress in a dark grey glitter fabric perfect for a night out with the girls.

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