Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream – Is It Worth The Money?

I recently fell victim to trying out the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream to see if it was really worth the hype, so here is what I thought…

I recently fell victim to trying out the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream to see if it was really worth the hype, so here is what I thought...

I was first tempted to buy the magic cream when I saw Elle Darby rave about it in one of her vlogs from a couple of Christmas’s ago. She spoke how she sometimes uses it multiple times a day because she loves how moisturised it makes her skin feel. And I think the name ‘Magic Cream’ really just makes you wonder how good it actually is. I don’t know if I have personally ever heard a bad review about the cream itself, and so when I went into the Charlotte Tilbury store in Covent Garden I just sort of impulse bought it. So I thought I would test it out and see whether the Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream was really worth the money.

Charlotte Tilbury herself is a bit of a genius for this product – definitely do not agree with her recent views that has hit the media however but because of that I am just reviewing the physical cream itself. I was a bit shocked that when I went up to pay for the products in store how much it came too. I bought a conceal and the magic cream and it came to £100 exactly. The cream itself is £45 for the 30ml or £75 for the 50ml.

Because it was so pricey and I didn’t actually realise quite how much until I paid for it I was very skeptical if it was worth the money. I also never got given the option for the 30ml and was given the 50ml automatically which I didn’t know there was the option when buying. So I would have liked the sales girl to ask because there is quite a big price difference.

I love the packaging, it does feel very luxurious. The way it is hyped up online does mean there are expectations of it being a luxurious product. Especially at Charlotte Tilbury claim there is a ‘secret’ behind the formula of their product. One of the products in the cream is BioNymph Peptide Complex. This helps your skin produce collagen and fight wrinkles and apparently is a unique ingredient to a moisturiser.

It doesn’t take long to realise the quality of the cream itself. By putting your finger in it and scooping out a small amount of product you can tell the cream has a gorgeous consistency. Not watery, or sticky. It is a fairly thick moisturiser which isn’t uncommon for moisturisers that are classed as super moisturisers. Indulgent is probably the best word to use for it. You really don’t need a lot – I have been using is sparingly in the morning, especially because of the price.

Because it is thicker, it does take a bit of time, maybe 10 minutes to sink into the skin but there is no sticky or tacky feeling to the skin once it is absorbed. Because it contains SPF I have been only using it in the mornings as a part of my routine. I was a bit disappointed SPF wise because I did catch the sun on my face whilst wearing it – but I will give it the benefit of the doubt as it was a very hot day and I should have reapplied some SPF in hindsight.

Thankfully, and because of how expensive it is, I was glad to find a little does go a very long way. You really only need minimal amounts to cover the whole face. In a bit more context I definitely have combination skin – I am a bit breakout prone on my chin but I get dry skin on my upper cheeks and eyes. So in my opinion this is a good one size fits all product.

I did have a pang of ‘this isn’t doing anything’ after the first week of using it. I think that is because of how hyped up the cream really is. But I have been using it for nearly two months now and I absolutely love it. My skin feels amazingly soft with it, and my blemishes have really cleared up. My skin looks fresh and plump and not dull and dry. It does take a while to see results, but as a little goes a long way I have been using it for two months but I haven’t really scratched the surface of it. My skin does feel a lot smoother using it and I genuinely look forward to treating my skin with it every day. I also find my makeup sits really nicely in top of it.

My skincare routine is a bit basic – because my skin is very sensitive I stripped it back completely. In the morning I just use a cleanser and the Magic Cream and it suits me perfectly. In the evening I will then use a makeup remover from Body shop, a cleanser and then a different moisturiser. However I am going to be putting the Charlotte Tilbury Night Magic Cream without SPF in it because I do love how this product makes my skin.

Have you ever used the Magic Cream? If so what do you think of it?

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  1. Danielle says:

    I absolutely adore this cream!

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