Photo Dump #2

Another photo dump images that have appeared in my camera roll recently…

Carrying on the photo dump trend and series that I started over on the blog, I thought I would share another lot of images that have appeared on my camera roll in the last couple of months. I haven’t done a photo dump blog in a while – or a single blog post for that matter because I have just been so business with my business. Starting with a cake that my Gran made to celebrate my university results, and followed by another cake I then made her for her birthday.

A lot of these photos I actually took when I was up at Jacks because we had a lovely weekend where we went to a restaurant called Dough. I bought Jack a voucher for there for his birthday but because of covid we have only just been able to go. Although Bath was a bit wet and windy that weekend and we spent most of the day prior to the meal trying to dodge the rain showers. The next day we went to Castle Combe and Lacock for a wonder as they were two villages I have always really wanted to go to. I also included a few random images from drinks, and food I have been loving because working from home does not give huge chances for photo opportunities haha!

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