July Wins

Here are some wins from July because life is about celebrating the big and small moments…

Here are some wins from July because life is about celebrating the big and small moments...

Sometimes it is easy to let life just whizz past and not allow yourself to take in certain moments. As cliche as that sounds I think its something we can definitely all hold ourselves accountable for. I feel as if the summer has just sped past. All of a sudden we are now in August and I can feel this month already escaping me. However as much as it is going quickly it means we don’t often reflect on what’s happened. July has been a bit of a whirl with some highlights and some lowlights – mainly highlights though and I wanted to mention a few wins in this blog post.

Wins can be all relative though. My win might be someone else small win or vice versa. But I would love to know what your win is – big or small. It is good to celebrate ourselves but also celebrate others.

Win One – Getting a first in my university degree.

Okay this was one of the major wins last month. I finished uni at the end of June, but had to wait until the end of July to find out our results. Whilst I had a vague idea of what I was going to get as I was able to use an online calculator, it was still quite an emotional moment. I found out that I would be graduating with a first from university! This, alongside our dissertation and final major project are all moments that when you start university you know all the work you will be doing will be leading up to that moment.

Win Two – Going to London.

If you didn’t know I live down in Devon. Whilst most bloggers tend to roam around London, I have actually only been there a handful of times in my life. Jack and I booked to go to London back in November last year however we had to cancel due to the second lockdown. We booked again in April and luckily got to go in July. We spent a week in London – if you haven’t already read my blog post about it then find it here. It was just a really lovely time and a win for me because I stayed off social media pretty much all week other than to quickly post so it was really refreshing.

Win Three – Onboarding New Clients for Thirty Five The Studio

If you didn’t know, I set up a digital content agency this time last year call Thirty Five The Studio. For the first 9 months or so I only had a couple of content creation clients, and I didn’t give it much TLC because my main priority was university. Since finishing university I pretty much went straight into focussing on it. Fortunately I have started gaining a few clients in July and I am now fully time with it. It just feels good knowing you are going in the right direction with something you want to do so bad and have worked so hard at.

Win Four – Job Offers.

I also got offered two jobs in July! I haven’t been actively apply to loads of jobs as I knew that I wanted to try and make Thirty Five my full time job. However I have applying to those which really interest me. One was a full time job offer and another a part time role. I excitingly recently accepted the part time offer because it is flexible and will allow me to still work on Thirty Five too!

What are your July wins? Let me know in the comments below!

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    I love going into London!

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