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Some home refresh essentials to consider this summer when thinking about having a change…

Some home refresh essentials to consider this summer when thinking about having a change...

One of my favourite things to do in summer is have a little home refresh. This can be the simplest of things to completely renovating your room. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh bunch of flowers – and in my opinion there is nothing better. Another summer home refresh ritual that I do each year is changing my duvet cover to something lighter and more summery. In the winter I have a heavy linen duvet cover. But in the summer I will swap it to a lighter white duvet cover. It is small details like that which can really revitalise the way your home feels at different points of the year. And sometimes if you feel stuck in a bit of a rut, especially with covid and we have been at home so much, changing things up in your home can make the world of difference.

Whenever I have a browse for home refresh pieces I drift towards more minimal items that will be able to be styled all year round if I want. Or for pieces that will become strictly summer pieces for year after year. That way when they seasons change you can look forward to changing things up. I wanted to chose some pieces that might just make you feel a bit better if you are wanting a refresh. And also some pieces that you might not have thought about before, but will make daily activities so much more luxe for a low price.

Some of the links used will be affiliate links. It just means that if you buy that product through my link, I will get a percentage of the money… helps me out. But it doesn’t make it more expensive for you, and it will be marked with an *.

Simplicity at Home Book by Yumiko Sekine & Jenny Wapner – £22.00*

I love having books stacked on my shelves and bringing a new one in not only will give your selves a little refresh but it will also give you something new to sit down and read over the summer. I picked this one because the concept of Japanese living just seems so calming.

Diptyque Patchouli Scented Candle – £49.00*

It is my dream to pop a Diptyque candle on my desk. The Patchouli fragrance screams to me because the mix of the herbal and woody scent is one of my go-tos. Nothing to feminine, so perfect for any room. But not to masculine either so in my opinion a perfect mix.

M&S White Rose and Lily Bouquet – £45.00*

M&S flowers are one of my favourites as I know it is where Jack tends to buy me flowers from when I am lucky. And I always love a fresh bunch of flowers to lift my spirits. Whether it is something more lavish like this bunch or a £3 bunch from Tesco. I just adore white roses and lilies so this is the dream bunch.

H&M Jacquard-Weave Dressing Gown – £39.99

This dressing gown just looked to luxe and cosy not to include. I thought this jacquard print was a bit different for H&M but it comes in multiple colour ways and looks so designer. White dressing gowns are my summer dream.

M&S Blush Peony 100ml Diffuser – £15.00*

I absolutely love a diffuser. And I am really gutted that I don’t currently have one in my room, however this is really tempting me to change that. Something light and floral will be the perfect pick me up for a summer home refresh.

Oliver Bonas Stoneware Plant Labels Set – £20.00*

I just found these too cute not to put in here too. Things like these stone labels can really elevate your home and garden and adds a little care into the things you enjoy. This would also be a really good gift for any mum, grandmother or aunt who enjoys gardening or having home-grown herbs.

Oliver Bonas Zesty Dried Flower Bouquet – £55.00*

For those who struggle with the up-keep of fresh flowers, dried flowers are a gorgeous alternative as they last longer and require very little attention. They are more expensive however with care they can last over 3 years making them a good investment!

Oliver Bonas Gold Metal & Marble round Pixoting Dressing Table Mirror – £42.50*

If you are a makeup, skincare or beauty lover then this might be a good option to refresh your dressing table or bathroom. I am definitely in need of a new mirror because I smashed my old one (7 years bad luck) so had to opt for a cheap temporary alternative. But this might have to replace it!

H&M Green Wine Glass – £6.99

In our garden we have a little man cave/shed where we have friends over for drinks or will sit outside in the garden if its nice and I can just picture these wine glasses being such a good option for outdoor dining. They are affordable but chic, so you don’t have to worry about taking your nicest wine glasses outside but can still drink out of something nice.

H&M 2 Pack Linen Curtains in Light Beige/Olive Branches – £39.99

How gorgeous are these curtains? Linen curtains are a great option if you are looking for a slightly bigger home fresh and wanting to make an impact. Especially linen for the summer as it is lighter and looks the part. I thought these curtains were different so would make a great change!

H&M Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Set in White – £24.99

As I mentioned in the summer I always put my white duvet on as it just elevates the room and makes it look lighter for the warmer months. H&M actually do really affordable bedding so if you liked the idea this is a good option.

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