Why I Think Rental Fashion Is Genius

Why rental fashion in my opinion is genius and should be used more!

Why rental fashion in my opinion is genius and should be used more!

I was first introduced to rental fashion last year when a rental fashion brand reached out to me to do a post on Instagram. Before that I had never really come across rental fashion. It was something I had considered before. nor was it something I had really heard of, apart from luxury fashion rental for large scale events. This might be my naivety, however I feel in the last year rental fashion for brands that aren’t high end or luxury has become more accessible. But since working with a few fashion rental brands, and also looking into the concept during my university work, I have realised how fashion rental is genius.

The concept of renting items of clothing bases around hiring clothing and returning it after a time period rather than buying clothes. Brands such as Endless Wardrobe and Hire Street UK allow you to rent clothes from some of your favourite high street, mid-end and high-end fashion retailers for any occasion. And this is by no means a sponsored post I just love the concept that rental fashion offers.

I think there is a bit of a taboo around rental fashion as to whether it is worth the money as you pay not to keep clothing. However I really think it depends on your end goal. If you are looking for a designer dress for an occasion but don’t want to pay the full price then you could rent one for only £20. If you are looking for a wedding guest dress that you haven’t worn before then its also a really good option. It is an incredibly sustainable way to style outfits if you are looking for a specific occasion or for a piece that you might not wear again but would love to try.

The dress in the image above is a gorgeous Winona Australia dress hired from Hire Street UK. For fashion influencers hiring items is a really good option for shoots, rather than buying and returning clothing all the time. I have my eye on renting some designer handbags for a shoot I have coming up! This dress just goes to show how you could hire a dress for prom or a wedding and still look lush and it won’t crowd your wardrobe.

Renting pieces is really simple to carry out as well. All you have to do is place the order, wait for it to turn up at your door, wear your outfit to your shoot/event/day and then send it back. All the care such as washing etc is done by the rental fashion team so that your order comes to you clean and sanitised and goes to the next person in the same condition.

Here is a list of brands you can check out for your next event/occasion:





Endless Wardrobe

By Rotation

My Wardrobe HQ

Girl Meets Dress


What are your thoughts on rental fashion? Have you ever tried it before? If so what is your go to brand to rent from? Let me know in the comments!

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2 responses to “Why I Think Rental Fashion Is Genius”

  1. Keri Elaine says:

    I think it’s brilliant, sustainable and convenient. If you truly love the piece you rented could always buy it (from another place), but at least you know how to style it and that you would get the cost per wear out of it.

    Keri Elaine

  2. Lovely says:

    I completely agree! Not only is it cool to get designer pieces for a fraction of its price but also its a sustainable option.

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