6 New Skincare Products I Have Been Using Lately

Here are 6 new skincare products that I have been using lately and absolutely LOVE!

Here are 6 new skincare products that I have been using lately and absolutely LOVE!

I felt that it had been a while since I gave skincare a bit of a shining spotlight over on my blog, so I thought I would chat you through some new products. The 6 new skincare products have recently found their way into my routine and I have really gotten on with. If you are new around here then you won’t know that my skin can be really sensitive to any new products that I use. So despite having a whole draw and cabinet dedicated to skincare, I have to be really careful about any new products I use. But I can say, from one sensitive skin person to possibly another, these are fool proof.

I would love to know in the comments below if you have ever tried any of these products and what you thought of them! So of these items have been previously gifted to me but I was not required to include them in this post. I have also linked the products and any links marked * are affiliate links.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask*

When I posted this mask to my stories I had so many people reply and say how much they loved this mask. Before this mask I had never tried Origins before but this mask is a game changer. I was always skeptical and very naive to the concept of an overnight mask. I always thought it would rub off on my pillowcase and sheets. But this mask sinks into your skin and really nourishes it overnight allowing you to wake up with super soft and hydrated skin. It also smells amazing of avocado.

Here are 6 new skincare products that I have been using lately and absolutely LOVE!

Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser*

I had run out of the cleanser I was using so I had a few choices and I ended up opting for the Summer Fridays Gel Cleanser. I think this is a relatively new product from Summer Fridays but I really wanted to include this cleanser in this post as it is just so gentle on the skin. Gel cleansers are always one of my favourite because of how gentle yet effective on the skin the are. This is also packed with plant-based goodies such as vitamin A to make your skin feel plumped.

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream*

I felt that this moisturiser matched well with the cleanser as it is also full of amino acids to help the collagen boost in your skin. It is a water gel based moisturiser so sinks into your skin really well and has 9 signal peptides in to help rejuvenate tired and dull looking skin – which I need ALL I can get of right now. I absolutely love the packaging too because to get the moisturiser out you push down the top of the moisturiser and it comes out in the centre. So cool honestly.

Foreo UFO 2 Device*

This technically isn’t a new skincare product, but I thought I would include it because I have been using it more now than I did when I first got this. The Foreo UFO device is a face mask device where you apply the mask (circular pad with the mask on) to the device and the device then emits light and pulsations depending on your chosen mask. It is genius and it just feels very luxurious, but only take 90 seconds to use so is perfect if you struggle to find the time for TLC.

Here are 6 new skincare products that I have been using lately and absolutely LOVE!

Mario Badescu Lip Balm*

I tend to get really dry lips from either weather changes or wearing lipstick. Lip balm is my saviour however I went through a stage of lip balm just not working. After googling it I found out that any lip balm that contains lanolin can make lips drier if you have sensitive skin. The Mario Badescu lip balm doesn’t contain it so it has been an absolute god send.

Decree Day Shield SPF 30*

And finally, because the weather has been getting somewhat a bit nicer, I have been adding SPF into my skincare routine more religiously. The Decree Day Shield is my go-to SPF because you just spray it on. Not creams or gels that take ages to sink into your skin. This is just easy and good to go which is just perfect.

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