The Best Loewe Basket Bag Dupes

I have searched high and low and these are the best Loewe Basket Bag Dupes!

I have searched high and low and these are the best Loewe Basket Bag Dupes!

One thing I have always dreamed about having is a Loewe basket bag. I think they are just so timeless and gorgeous and the ultimate high-end summer bag. Whether you have a day out, or are just running some errands, the basket bag is just perfectly minimal and easy to wear with a lot of outfits. However I am completely aware the price point is not for everyone. That is partly why I have never bitten the bullet and bought it. I am quite frugal with my money and so buying designer hand-bags on a whim just isn’t like me. So if you are like me and want the gorgeous look of a basket or straw bag, but at a better price then this blog post is for you. I have sourced some of the best Loewe basket bag dupes.

You might have noticed I have slipped the original into the image above right in the middle. The original Loewe basket bag comes in either a stunning cream colour, and also a tan colour. If I were to buy it, I think I would go for the cream as I like the elegance of it. The Mediterranean, plaited bag will set you back £375 which for a designer hand bag is actually on the lower price end. However below are some more affordable options.

I think when it comes to dupes its about snapping it up really quickly when you find them. One came out about two months ago in H&M but it sold out almost instantly so you have to make sure you don’t hesitate with them. Let me know in the comments which are your favourites or if you have the Loewe bag itself! Any links marked * are affiliate links.

The Straw Basket Company White Leather Flap Basket Bag – £73.29.

I came across this brand on Instagram and I was so excited because currently this company probably sell the closest dupes you can find on the market to the Loewe bag. They come in an assortment of colours however you can also get them personalised which I think is a really nice touch!

Mango Leather handmade maxi basket bag – £59.99*

Last year Mango was all the talk with their Loewe bag dupe. They don’t have that one unfortunately but they have this one which is I love. I think its really minimal and elegant and it’s also handmade!

Zara Braided Tote Bag – £25.99

Okay so I am so obsessed with the black trim on this Zara bag. I love how the trimming is chunkier than the mango one and so the contrast is just that bit more. I love the black instead of the cream or tan! What do you think?

Lily & Bean London The Lily and Bean Straw Tote with Gold Monogram – £99.00*

Lily & Bean are a popular handbag choice on the TV program this morning, and I think the addition again of the small gold personalisation is really cute but also elegant. I think this is a really close dupe for the Loewe bag – slightly more expensive however it is still over a third of the price to the actual basket bag.


This literally screams summer holiday and beach trips to me! Not an exact dupe, however they are really hard to come by at the moment so I think if you are looking for one for the beach this is a good choice!

Pull&Bear woven basket bag with cross body strap in beige – £25.99*

This is a really cute smaller option. I know the options above and the Loewe bag are tote bags so are slightly bigger than what some people might like. This Pull & Bear bag is a good option for a smaller basket bag that still has the tan details.

ASOS DESIGN vase tote bag in straw with monogram panel – £28.00*

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  1. I adore a good straw bag, so chic!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

  2. Ahh loving the LOEWE baskets as well!! Thanks for the dupes!!

    Moritz | https://moritzrussegger.com/

  3. Chelsea Jade says:

    Love the Zara one with the black trim! 🙂

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