Trends I Will Still Be Wearing In 2021

These trends were a thing and are still a thing in my books… trends I will still be wearing in 2021!

These trends were a thing and are still a thing in my books... trends I will still be wearing in 2021!

There is always talk about how trends are circular. We see it all the time with the 90s return with the Princess Diana inspired cycling shorts and sweatshirt outfits and the flared jeans being inspired by the 70s. There is even word going around about Crocs being back in fashion! I mean I don’t think that is something I will be picking up on. But seven year old Emily did love a good hot pink croc – oh yes!

Whether you like to commit to trends, and are partial for following what is in stores, whether that be high street or high end. Or whether you are committed to your personal style through and through. Even if you are thinking ‘I don’t have a personal style’ trust me you do. But whichever of the above I feel that we always have a choice.

When blazers became a massive trend a couple of years ago, I never picked up on it. I didn’t think I’d suit it and I had no idea how to style one. It’s only been the last couple of months I finally bought a blazer! But I thought I would talk about the trends I did jump on board with at the time and are still an influential part of my style today. Not just that, but ones I will still be wearing for the rest of 2021.

These trends were a thing and are still a thing in my books... trends I will still be wearing in 2021!

1. Aviator Coats

I know we are going into summer but I am thinking more in advance here. One coat (or two in my case as I have two) I will always go to style is an aviator coat. I own one from Primark which is all black and I bought it about 5 years ago! The second is one from H&M that I bought last October and it has a beige faux fur lining instead of being all black. Both are really easy to style with any outfit and because of the faux fur lining they are so soft. It’s the perfect throw on coat to make any outfit look chic, put together and just like you have everything together. Even if you just have a jumper and leggings on underneath it.

2. High Waisted Jeans

At the start of this year there were rumors going around on Twitter about low-rise jeans making a comeback and I’m not going to lie my heart sank a little bit! The whole thought of the white off the shoulder tee and low rise jeans look just made me shiver. There is something comforting about high waisted jeans. A high waist gives me the confidence to wear a crop top, or just feel good in a pair of jeans. I personally don’t find low rise items flattering on myself and I don’t think I will ever commit to trying it even IF it did come back in trend. High waisted for the win.

3. White Trainers

I think white trainers are one of those wardrobe pieces that will always be some what in trend. Not a trend where everyone stops what they were doing and buys a pair straight away. But they are just such a diverse category of footwear that they will always be a must. And I am very much a trainer girl rather than a heel or fancy footwear girl, so there is no giving up on the white trainers. From my Stan Smiths to my Veja they are just really easy to throw on to make an outfit casual but they work with items such as midi and maxi dresses too. The floral midi and white trainer combo is one I LOVE.

These trends were a thing and are still a thing in my books... trends I will still be wearing in 2021!

4. Loungewear

After all the lockdowns we have gone through I can speak for myself and a large majority of the UK that loungewear has been a blessing and therefore must remain a large part of my style in 2021. I love the idea that you can wear loungewear sets out with a coat or leather jacket and it not be frowned upon. I have my eye on so many summer loungewear pieces and it’s not just trackies. From jersey shorts to play suits they are becoming more wide ranging and gorgeous!

5. Neutrals

If you follow any influencer on Instagram it won’t take 5 minutes to realise neutrals is a real thing in the fashion world. This is actually becoming less apparent as we approach summer. If you look at Zara currently they are bursting with colour and clashing prints! And even though it might be boring neutrals is something I am going to be sticking with. When I buy colour I know I won’t wear it that often. It’s just a thing I know now after becoming more accustomed to my personal style. So you will still be seeing neutrals on my page!

What trends do you think you will continue to wear whether it be for the rest of this year or longer? Let me know in the comments!

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    Oh my goodness, I love them all. Completely agree with you!

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