Why I Want To Invest Into Luxury Fashion Pieces

Gone are the days of spending £30 on ten items… here is why I want to invest into luxury fashion pieces…

Gone are the days of spending £30 on ten items... here is why I want to invest into luxury fashion pieces...

I have spoken before about how over the last year or so I have been on a bit of a journey to changing my personal style. I would buy a lot of clothes for the sake of them being in the sale and they would sit at the back of my wardrobe. But I have realised I prefer neutrals because despite them being ‘boring’ (not my words) they are easy to style and I KNOW I will wear them. Another discovery I have made is that I don’t need or want to buy lots of clothes for a bargain constantly.

This isn’t a post slating Primark or Boohoo, because if that’s where you love to shop then that’s where you love to shop. We all have our preferences. For me though I am just becoming a bit more aware of what I do buy.

I will always get my bras and underwear from shops like Primark because let’s be honest you really can’t go wrong with 3 thongs for £1. But in terms of general clothing as my style has changed I have discovered new brands and new styles which sometimes you have to pay a bit more for.

I would love to be able to buy designer clothes monthly. I don’t have the budget for that and most people don’t. So when I say ‘I want to buy luxury’ I think luxury is relative to everyone. Whether that means price, or buying from a shop that you don’t normally go to. It’s really about what you think is luxury.

To me, it might mean buying something from a shop like Cos or & Other Stories. Something that to a lot might be a mid-range price but to me it’s more than I used to spend on clothing. But I want to spend less on clothes I don’t need and more on the pieces I do need.

Despite being a fashion blogger I am relatively good at not buying clothes every week. I save a lot of my money and normally it’s if I really need something or I feel like I need a few new pieces at the start of the season. Just one of two nicer pieces rather than a whole new wardrobe for the same price.

There is something a bit more exciting about buying one piece you really want, that might be above your normal budget, but because there have been no small spends then it’s doable. In reality only one person needs so many clothes. I am aware I don’t wear all the clothes I have now. So I don’t need to be buying lots for a cheap amount on a regular basis.

I don’t think I could ever commit to sustainable fashion in a way I wish I could. It’s not a sustainable price point currently for everyone which I totally get. However I have been trying to be more aware and taking small steps. Reducing the amount I buy, only buying minimal from better shops. And then eventually looking at places that are more ethical.

Zara always seems like a luxury for me because in Plymouth we don’t have a Zara so it’s only been in the last year I have started wearing and shopping in Zara. So whenever I go into one I feel the luxury pang. Whether it’s a designer brand or a high street one you wouldn’t normally shop at, you name it. Buying more luxury can be different for everyone.

What does buying luxury mean to you?

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