First Impressions of What Is In Store’s Post Lockdown

April 12th finally came and shops opened so here is my first impressions of what is in store’s post lockdown …

April 12th finally came and shops opened so here is my first impressions of what is in store's post lockdown ...

Finally April 12th came along. For many it might have been wanted because it meant pubs and restaurants can open outdoors again finally. But for others it also meant that shops opened back up. And whilst I talk about going back into shops and shopping centres I just wanted to also mention that if you don’t feel comfortable yet to go shopping in stores physically then please don’t feel like you need to rush into it. It has been busy as it was the Easter holidays so pick your timing right and just do it at your own pace. I have been into the shops since the stores opened so I thought I would do a mini review of the shops me and the rest of the population were most looking forward to going into. So here is my first impressions of what is in store’s post lockdown.


H&M was the first shop that I actually went into post lockdown. I am not going to lie the queues inside to pay were pretty long, but my local H&M isn’t massive. But I love the lingerie in H&M and I was in desperate need of some new basic bras so I headed in. If you want to visualise it a bit more then have a look at my reel here…. I would say that H&M followed suit.

They had a really good mix of neutral colours, and basic wardrobe items like satin skirts, shackets and cardigans. But they also had some really nice feminine and cottage core floral pieces. What I liked about it though was that they were all very subtle with pastels and dainty prints, rather than bold florals. My type of floral! I was also really impressed by the amount of basic items they had like leggings, and just easy to wear items at home or on a comfy day. They were minimal, comfy and also on trend.


I have always had a bit of a love hate relationship with Primark. For basics such as underwear and pjs you really can’t go wrong. In the last couple of years I have drifted away from their clothing a bit, as I have moved to shopping less but better quality rather than cheap and more of it. But when I was in Bristol on Saturday, Jack and I went into Primark as it is absolutely massive – over four floors worth of clothes. It took about 20 minutes of queuing to get in but it was 2PM on a Saturday, the week of reopening so I am sure it won’t be like that all the time.

I have been seeing on Tik Tok people with minimal, comfy underwear sets that are ribbed almost look a bit H&M like. In fact, I saw some in person however they didn’t have any of my sizes. I mainly went in to stock up on the cheap hairbands, however they did have some really nice summer dresses. They have also upgraded some of their basic items to look a bit more on trend so it might be worth taking a trip if you need any.


I was so excited to head into Zara over the weekend. And to be completely honest, I was a little bit disappointed by it. I love Zara for being Jacquemus vibes and following my trusty neutral palette however it was a little bit different. It had a lot of bold, retro 70s/80s patterns and I had contemplated whether I had walked into Zara or a completely different shop. I would love to suit these patterns but I know if I bought them, then they would be worn once and then retire to my wardrobe because simply they won’t be on trend next year. There were some nice pieces – a lot of white smock dresses and maxi dresses, and a lot of denim blue tones. I actually have a Zara ‘Come Shopping with Me’ reel coming out this week so keep an eye on my Instagram for it.

Have you been back into any of these stores or other stores yet? If so let me know what you thought in the comments.

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  1. I haven’t been back in the stores yet but I will be soon! I love H&M’s stuff right now, especially their Wildflowers collection, it’s so pretty! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Danielle says:

    I am loving everything H&M and Zara at the moment!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

  3. Love your ideas!! So in love with the new pieces of Zara at the moment!! xx

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