The April Update

Let’s have a catch up, yeah? Here is a little April update so grab a cuppa…

Let's have a catch up, yeah? Here is a little April update so grab a cuppa...

And just like that it is April. Going back to when lockdown 3.0 was announced back in January I had a phase of sudden dread that the next three months was going to absolutely drag. No more seeing people, no more being able to see my boyfriend, and three months in the same spot at my desk. And I think we all felt something similar. It actually made me think I took lockdown 1.0, where we had the nice weather and the ability to relax for once, for granted. But now it is April, I thought I would give you a little April update seeing we are hopefully on the pathway for lockdown restrictions being relaxed.

One thing I wanted to address first, which only hit me the other day, but I took my first week of blogging last week. In the whole five years of blogging I have always posted once a week. I think even over Christmas I would still post. Don’t hold me to that claim, but I am pretty sure I have never taken a week off posting. I could sit here and make an excuse but if I am really honest – it just completely passed my mind. Currently I am starting my last two modules at university, setting up a business where I have also taken on two interns, and trying to rekindle a social life now restrictions are being lifted and I just completely forgot.

We have just had the Easter Bank holiday weekend, where I saw my boyfriend for the first time since before Christmas. That is one thing I felt like I struggled with, but fortunately after seeing each other again, it had felt like the last three months have gone in a blur and it was only yesterday that I saw him. It is somewhat good that the last three months now seem to have gone fast, but sad in some ways. With us now officially crossing the one year of lockdown mark at the end of March we have almost lost a year. And for everyone that means something different. A year of freedom for 20s before settling down. A year of schooling for children, or a year with your grandparents.

I have taken more time off Instagram in the last three months than I have ever before. I am becoming a bit relentless with Instagram at the moment. Since I started taking it seriously in May 2018 up until November last year I had really steady and high growth rates. But since, it has taken a down turn and I just haven’t really progressed. And I am learning that that is fine, there is more to life than an app, despite it being my job. However as someone who is a big perfectionist it really took a hit on me. But after taking time away, I have realised that I just need to post what I want to right now, and not to take it too seriously, until I at least have the time to worry about it.

I only have 9 weeks left at university. Even saying it makes me a bit emotional. This last year has pretty much been an online one. And despite going in at the start of the year, and we will be able to go back after April, which I know is more than a lot of people, it just makes me sad that I never got to have those typical three years at uni. I am feeling very mixed emotions for finishing uni. I am really looking forward to having time to work on my businesses. But it’s going to be a big change and it pretty much means you are now an adult. I really don’t like change so I am just weary of this, but hopefully a nice warm summer will make me feel better about it!

And finally, I have officially been self-employed for over a year! I registered in July but back dated it to April last year so technically I have been self-employed for a year! To register as a self-employed person and that being my main income for a year, all before the age of 21 was such a big achievement to me. And now to hit that 1 year mark is just really warming.

Let me know you April update in the comments below.

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  1. It sounds like the week off from blogging was well needed and I’m glad that you took the opportunity to take a break, it’s always worth it taking a break! I haven’t really taken a break from blogging since I start over 4 years ago, I think I’m well overdue a break! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

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