5 Years Of Blogging

It’s been a whole 5 years of blogging over here and I thought I would quickly summarise it…

It's been a whole 5 years of blogging over here and I thought I would quickly summarise it...

I don’t often scroll through my WordPress notifications – blogging to me is more of a hobby currently with Instagram being my main job. But for five years now it has been a hobby that has lead me down some amazing paths. And I can’t quite believe I can say I have been doing it for a whole five years. But yes, anyway, I happened to go onto my WordPress notifications and the top one happened to be one marking 5 years of blogging. And when starting my blog I never really knew what it would lead my to further down the line. Let alone that I would still be here doing it five years later.

I did a quick search on the blog to look for other ‘blog-iversary’ posts that I had done and two came up. For my one year anniversary of blogging I stood against my kitchen wall, studio lights full blast and a bright pink number 1 helium balloon. I don’t want to say it was the cliche cheesy thank you blog post (lets be honest it was), but it spoke about how I had got my new Canon camera (Canon 1300D) and was using props and studio lights for my photography. Looking back now it’s so weird to think about my creative process.

Today I think those photos are god-awful. But its a natural progression from that content to the content I am making today. Now, I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark IV, my absolute dream camera which I saved for in order to make that investment. As well as that I mentioned how I was clueless on the whole SEO front. I mean not a huge amount has changed there, but plugins have changed that game.

For my three year blogging anniversary I was stood in a cornfield full of gorgeous yellow flowers, with a bottle of Prosecco I had kindly been gifted and it was my ‘preset’ phase of Instagram. I wrote about how my highlight was the John Lewis PR event, which is still up there on my highlights. I would have loved to attend more but with COVID events have sadly been a no go. Another highlight was that I got to host a lecture for my course mates all about blogging. This is something I have now done twice and its actually made me realise I would love to lecture within this field. There is parts of the blogging and Instagram industry I feel you need a first hand account on within lecturing. So any universities…. hit me up.

It's been a whole 5 years of blogging over here and I thought I would quickly summarise it...

Now what about my five year anniversary? Just sat on my sofa with a bit of an editorial/Zara style photo? Instead of looking at my highlights or inserting an extract of my first ever blog post I want to look at what I want to do. Blogging for the last five years has been a hobby of mine that I have actually put a lot of effort into. I have recently been taking time to engage and discover other blogs. I have realised by doing so I have doubled my own views. Part of me is kicking myself a bit. If only I did this five years ago what could my blog and views be like now? Blogging as a hobby has meant I can take this chill however I want a bit more.

I set myself a goal at the beginning of the year to hit 10,000 blog views in a month. I have hit my mini goal of 5000 and I am determined to hit the big 10K views. Likewise, taking my blog more seriously will cover making an income from it. I am really inspired by other bloggers like Kayleigh Zara who have made thousands through affiliate income via their blogs. Once I finish uni this summer, I will hopefully have the time to research and work out a strategy that will help me better my blog and my Instagram combined.

Five years of blogging has allowed me to develop this platform and community, but now I want to take it to the next step… I mean its about time haha! What I want to know is what you might like to see on here? Or let me know what step you want to take with your blog or instagram’s!

Also thank you so much for reading my blogs. It means the world.

I just thought this stool was really simple and cute. The perfect stool for your hallway or just to add as a bit of a filler in an empty corner. 

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  1. Keri Elaine says:

    Happy five years! It’s crazy to see how time flies by and it definitely is fun to see how your blog grows and changes with you. I’m excited to see what the next year of blogging looks like for you.


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