Is This The Best Dyson Airwrap Dupe?

Is the Babyliss Air Style 1000 the best dupe for the Dyson Airwrap at only a fraction of the price?!

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Is the Babyliss Air Style 1000 the best Dyson Airwrap dupe at only a fraction of the price?!

Something I would absolutely love to treat myself to possibly more than anything is the Dyson Air Wrap. I feel in the hair care world it is currently one of the most talked about and reviewed/tutorialed products and it consumes my Instagram reel and Tik Tok Feed. It looks a dream, and the results always look a dream. And I know there are people who say once you try it you will never go back nor will you regret it. However, there is one thing standing in my way. I cannot bare to part with over £400 for it. Yes, it might be worth it, but it is still a LOT of money to part with. But just before Christmas I discovered a possible dupe known as the Babyliss Airstyle 1000.

I actually got it as a Christmas present, as it was on my wishlist because I knew it could be a dupe for the Dyson. My hair is really important to me. As I have bleached it several times I really try and take care of it. But I am also really bad at styling my hair so I tend to just go for a straight hair look. My hair is naturally pretty straight anyway making this a lot easier. Now I can’t fully compare both stylers together, as I have never tried the Dyson Air Wrap, however I will try my best to summarise based on the research I did myself back in December.


DYSON Airwrap – £449.99

Babyliss Air Style 1000 – £60.00

I think the first thing to mention here is the price because there is a notable difference. Obviously as mentioned the Dyson is over four hundred pounds which for everyone is purely not affordable. I always say when I am making a big purchase I need to be able to afford to make that purchase two or three times over before actually buying it. Whereas the Babyliss is only £60 (but I know it does sometimes go on sale down to £40). It might be telling the difference in the products because of the price – but £60 for a hair dryer can also still be expensive so I think reviewing the both is important still.


The main reason why the Babyliss tool is considered one of the better dupes for the Dyson is the tools that come with both. They are some what comparable as there are tools for smoothing, curling, drying and volume on both products. The Dyson does come with more variety – for example there are twice curling sizes and two smoothing heads. But the basis is sort of the same.

I have to admit, I have tried all but the curling too – its not that it scares me, but I have never been very good at curling my hair so I think its not a good judge for me to be able to talk about it haha! However, from what I have seen it does work as a curler. I have seen some people say that possibly using curlers or clipping the ends will hold the curls in place longer but it is dependent on your hair type.

The smoothing head has to be my favourite. As my hair is pretty straight naturally when it dries it can just go quite frizzy for the first 12 hours. However when I use this I feel like that frizz is reduced and it preps my hair really nicely. Lastly, the volume tool (the round brush) is also pretty good for doing the fringe section of your hair to get that 70s style hair look, or too brush your hair to curl underneath which I think looks really chic.

But the main difference between the tools is that the Dyson sucks air in, hence the wrap part of the name. So when you are curling you have to use the right head depending on what side of the hair you are doing as it will wrap and sucks the hair around a certain way. Whereas the Babyliss blows the air out.

As a hair dryer

The main similarity here is that both tools state the hair needs to be 80% dry to get the best results when using any of the styling attachments. This is so that the hair will dry and stay in that style. But if you do it too wet it won’t stay so be warned. I have heard the Dyson is an amazing hair dryer, and as it doesn’t heat up as much as the Babyliss it is healthier for your hair. That is what also sells me about the Dyson as I really want the best condition for my hair. The Babyliss isn’t as powerful as a standard hair dryer. However it has three different heat settings which is one of my favourite parts about it.

I typically dry my hair on a cooler setting rather than putting more heat on it, and I will say it takes a while. But when I do dry on the hottest most powerful setting, it takes the same time to dry my hair using that than it does a normal hair dryer. But it is lighter than a normal hair dryer so if you are planning to take it away with you its fairly easier too – unlike the Dyson which has a large case with it.

Other points to note

One point to note is that the Babyliss styler does get really hot. However they do give you a heat protectant glove and you will need to use it when changing the heads on the tool. I have heard the Dyson does also get warm but not as hot as the Babyliss.

But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative I find the Babyliss works really well. No matter how much we all might want the Dyson, its not affordable for everyone simple as. So when it comes to a dupe, yes this is a fairly good dupe. I don’t think you will ever fully be able to compare though. The Dyson is said to be amazing and give you a salon worthy finish, and the results are meant to last until you next wash your hair. But I do rate the Babyliss as its own tool in its own right. Because I think for the extremely lower price the tool works really well.

I am going to do a tutorial once I have mastered the curling wand section. So keep an eye on my Instagram for that.

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You can find the Babyliss Air Style 1000 here.

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