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Be prepared, because H&M Home have some GORGEOUS pieces in right now and you will want them all straight away…

Be prepared, because H&M Home have some GORGEOUS pieces in right now and you will want them all straight away...

One place I always gaze at for home accessories and furniture is H&M. They have seriously upped their home section over the last couple of years and now are one of the front runners in the home department. The have a low lounging rattan chair which is HIGHLY sort after and sells out very quickly whenever they restock it. You probably already know the one I mean. But H&M home is a firm favourite of mine and follow an aesthetic I adore. So thats why this week I wanted to feature their products in Browse The Stores.

H&M home is majority online, I know my local store doesn’t feature home products. So I am hoping this will help when looking to buy from them. Their edits are aesthetic worthy, and they do those ultimate pieces which just finish your home perfectly.

I have left these all over on my Instagram stories so if you find yourself wanting to know more then here are the deets. Also, I want to point out that the majority of the links used will be affiliate links. It just means that if you buy that product through my link, I will get a percentage of the money… helps me out. But it doesn’t make it more expensive for you, and it will be marked with an *.

H&M Home Small Scented Candle In A Tin – £2.99*

One thing I know a lot of people LOVE about H&M is their really affordable candles. Not only are they affordable they are aesthetic worth candles so will look perfect on your shelves for a bit of interior styling.

H&M Home Medium Canvas Storage Box in Dark Grey – £12.99*

I hate the fact that most storage is either cluttered drawers or cheap looking plastic storage. But H&M have really solved that issue. I wish I saw these when I had my square shelves as this would have been perfect. Practical yet aesthetic worth. Perfect for office or bedroom storage.

H&M Stonewear Vase – £19.99*

This gorgeous vase was featured in Mark Ferris’ flat tour the other week, and I saw it online too. H&M are known for their avant grade and abstract style home accessories, including this. But they are perfect for making a statement and adding the finish touches to your home.

H&M Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover – £6.99*

Can you believe that this cushion cover is only £6.99? So affordable yet so chic! H&M have loads of gorgeous cushion covers but this just stood out because of its minimal yet sophisticated look.

H&M Deep Pile Rug – £49.99*

This rug is but so beautiful. I have been on the hunt for a simple and minimal rug like this one. Especially if you have hard wood flooring a rug like this would make somewhere feel 100x more homely!

H&M Tray With Rattan – £29.99*

Whenever I post photos of my rattan tray on Instagram I always get questions. Mine isn’t H&M but they current have some so I would snap one up whilst you can because they are the perfect bedside table tray, or coffee table accessory.

H&M Chanel Book – £29.99*

I love a good fashion book. Not only are they really good for styling on shelves and coffee tables they just look the part. H&M do this gorgeous Chanel book for a really reasonable price when it comes to fashion books.

H&M Ceramic Sculpture – £19.99*

This was one of the most sort after pieces on the H&M website for months. And they listened to everyones wants and needs and restocked this beauty. It is PERFECT for styling shelves so if interiors is your thing then make sure to snap it up.

H&M Velvet Cushion Cover – £12.99*

Okay now this is such an iconic cushion. So minimal yet so glam. If you want neutral aesthetics but pops of dark tones then this cushion is a great option.

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9 responses to “Browse The Stores – H&M Home”

  1. Angelica says:

    Seems so luxurious and great price at HM

  2. Paige Eades says:

    Wow – H&M have some lovely bits in! We don’t have a physical H&M home store near us so I always forget that it exists, which sounds awful when there are so many beautiful, on trend pieces. That candle looks like a great decor piece – almost too good to burn.

    Paige // Paige Eades

  3. Danielle says:

    H&M Home always has so many amazing pieces!

    Danielle xx

  4. Keri Elaine says:

    I’m dying to know how the Mahogany candle smells! H&M Home has some amazing modern pieces as such a great cost.


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