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There are some gorgeous new in Mango pieces right now so here are some you might need in your wardrobe…

Mango has some gorgeous pieces new in right now so here are some you might need in your wardrobe...

I think one shop that is not spoken about enough on my behalf is Mango. I am forever talking about H&M and Zara but Mango never gets the spotlight. And I don’t know why as their pieces are always absolutely bloody gorgeous. Especially their current new in mango pieces. If you have never shopped from Mango then I would have to say its very Zara like, especially with prices too. However its minimal chic and I feel as is everything is very easy to wear season after season.

Something I started being more conscious of last year and I am going to carry on doing this year is buying more wisely. I ended up not buying too many clothes last year, as I wanted to buy stuff that will last me each year. All of these pieces fit that quite nicely.

I have left these all over on my Instagram stories so if you find yourself wanting to know more then here are the deets. Also, I want to point out that the majority of the links used will be affiliate links. It just means that if you buy that product through my link, I will get a percentage of the money… helps me out. But it doesn’t make it more expensive for you, and it will be marked with an *.

Mango Light Knit Gillet – £35.99*

Gillets have been here since autumn and they will stay. So many people have versions that they will be easy to style next autumn winter too. This is light so easy to layer with anything, and is a good started piece if you want to go into this trend.

Mango Square Frame Sunglasses – £49.99*

I have been looking for a pair of framed glasses like these. I have a lot of round glasses which I love for summer, however these are just that bit more chic for the winter months. Also I feel square frames compliment the face nicely.

Mango Oversize Knit Sweater – £35.99*

Everyone needs a basic knit sweater in their wardrobe, especially in cream. So there is no denying this is a staple year after year. I would style this with a pair of faux leather leggings and black winter boots.

Mango Oversized Quilted Coat – £119.99*

I saw this coat and just instantly fell in love. This coat is just so perfect, and the colour is something I haven’t seen on a coat this season. Very chic.

Mango Pleat Straight Trousers – £35.99*

One thing that drew me in to these trousers was that whilst we are at home working, we want to be comfortable but also smart enough for things like zoom meetings. Also I find the act of wearing normal clothes really gets me motivated to do more work. I think these would be the perfect option.

Mango Belt Knitted Jumpsuit – £69.99*

I just fell in love with this jumpsuit. Comfort here is key, and also luxury. This is luxury loungewear at is finest and specifically I love the neckline. But also this with a leather jacket is just perfect.

Mango Texture Wool-Blend Coat – £89.99*

You all know I am a bit of a coat addict and I would love to have this addition to my wardrobe. Its just such a gorgeous colour and because its neutral it will go with any part of your wardrobe.

Mango Multi-Colour Knit Sweater – £49.99*

What a cute jumper! I can tell you now if I bought this it would be worn everyday with my tracksuit bottoms because lockdown knitwear is a thing. What do you think of the colour combination?

Mango Oversized Knit Cardigan With Buttons – £35.99*

I think cardigans are underrated. Especially when we go into spring. You don’t want a layer that is too thick, but you need layer. So preparing with this cardigan would be a good option.

Mango Cross-Body Bag – £29.99*

One thing that drew me to Mango last year was their bag options. They have loads of gorgeous minimal bags and they are often quite good dupes for designer bags. This cross body is everything simple, practical and gorgeous.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I am loving Mango at the minute, there are so many great items!

    Danielle xx

  2. jennavon says:

    Absolutely love the wool blend coat! Such a staple piece x

  3. I haven’t purchased anything from Mango in ages but I love all their stuff! All of this looks so cosy and comfortable! xx


  4. alexamarsh says:

    These are such great picks! I adore those square tortoiseshell sunglasses.


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