Introducing Ear Cuffs

One accessory that has made its way into my collection this year is ear cuffs and here are some of my favorites…

One accessory that has made its way into my collection this year is ear cuffs and here are some of my favorites...
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In some ways, I feel like 2020 was the year that I kind of upped my accessory and jewellery game. I used to have to remind myself to even put jewellery on, however this year I upped my game. I started discovering new brands, new pieces and styles to try and I was fall in love with jewellery. But one of the main new pieces that came into my collection, around May time, and have firmly stayed there is ear cuffs. But I had never even heard of them before this, however, I wear them on the daily now. I have always wanted a cartilage piercing but I’ve never had this done, and ear cuffs sort of solve that problem.

Because of my new found love for ear cuffs this year I wanted to link some ear cuffs that I love the look of, because if like me you want to brand out and be more experimental with jewellery, but don’t want to permanency of a piercing these are the ONE. Some links below are affiliate links and are marked *.

1. Aurate Bold Gold Ear Cuff – £31. This is such a gorgeous and simple ear cuff to start off with if you have never worn one before. It is subtle yet adds that little something to your ear stack. Sometimes I think simplicity is the best, and this fits into that category perfectly.

2. Astrid & Miyu Mystic Star Gold Ear Cuff – £39*. I am simply obsessed with this ear cuff. If pretty, feminine and festive ear cuffs are on your list or are up your street then this is a great option as its super feminine. I just think its gorgeous!

3. Missoma Gold Claw Lucuna Ear Cuff – £49*. I think this ear cuff provides a really sharp look. Something a bit edge and not to feminine if you are looking for something a bit more sleek.

4. Galleria Armadoro Gala Opla Gold Vermeil Ear Cuff – €42. I have my eye on this one because the gorgeous little opal details will go perfectly with a ring I have my eye on too!

5. ASOS DESIGN Ear Cuff In Crystal Drop Design in Gold Tone – £5*. This is definitely one of the more affordable options of the lot, but it doesn’t lack on the glitz and glam and for that reason I just had to include it.

6. E&E Jewellery Plain Line Ear Cuff – £13. E&E currently have an offer on ear cuffs for 2 for £20. But I loved this as it was so different to anything else I had seen. A minimal statement piece that would be perfect for casual, or formal wear.

7. E&E Rose Ear Cuff – £12. I think this is really elegant and the floral touches would make a lovely little Christmas present for someone.

8. & Other Stories Olive Branch Ear Cuff – £17*. & other stories is a place that I adore and I think this is a really elegant formal wear ear cuff, and its slightly larger than your typical one.

9. Oliver Bonas Sierra Octagonal Gem Detail gold Plated Ear Cuff – £22*. I love the tiny little details to this ear cuff, I think its so subtle yet, if you want a little bit of glitz its there.

10. Lisa Angel Sterling Silver Wing Ear Cuff – £12. I think this ear cuff is just so heavenly (get it?) and because it is sterling silver it is a great option for those with more sensitive skin.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I love ear cuffs, they are so chic!

    Danielle xx

  2. I love ear cuffs! Such a great little accessory! xx

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