The Bedroom Makeover Edit

The blog post where I talk about my dream bedroom makeover …

*This blog post includes gifted or partially gifted products, and affiliate links*
The blog post where I talk about my dream bedroom makeover …

I don’t want to say that I am a really indecisive person, but when I think about it… I am. Pretty much in every aspect of my life – I hate the whole ‘what do you want to do?’ question because I never know what to say. And unfortunately for my bank account this indecisiveness also included my interior style. Might sound weird but here me out. This is partially why I am here writing about another bedroom makeover.

I think within the last three or four years I have been through more bedroom colour schemes, and beddings style than the average person or household. And it’s not that I LOVE interior design so much so I have an urge to redo rooms as soon as they are finished. I do appreciate good interior design, in fact, I considered studying it. However its not my biggest skill in the world. Nonetheless I still have gone from pink to red, to grey, to navy, to mustard, to white. And white has drifted into what we have now. 

However before the beginning of October, I was so desperate to redo my room. I bought myself a new chest of drawers before lockdown, because I had white ones – with the white IKEA style square shelves because 2013 Emily who loved Youtube wanted the background that every Youtube had at the time. I then bought a new desk, because my desk before was a navy blue to match my navy phase. Safe to say I grew out of that. I loved the navy and mustard together. But if you are going to do it, it has to be done well – and thats where my budget lacked me. 

The last piece of furniture I had to change was my bed. I still had the same single bed that I have had since I was a child. I live at home for university rather than living out so I have always been guiding to what interiors I can change as its my parents house not mine. Finally, I was able to get a new and bigger bed, and this sort of spurred on the latest bedroom renovation. 

The blog post where I talk about my dream bedroom makeover …

With everything that has been going on this year, it was really important that I have a space which I am comfortable with and happy in.  I also knew that with the possibility of having to take more photos from home – I wanted something that I would be proud to use as a backdrop for my images. So I had a plan set out – but I also just winged it. It started off with going to look for a new bed. My mum and I actually did the bed shopping process at the end of August/September so the renovation has been going on for a while. 

I eventually settled for a bed from Furniture World in the fabric plush coffee. I had my heart set on a specific headboard I found in Next Home and so I wanted a similar fabric bed and colour so they would match. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any fabric samples so I did just wing it with images. But the pair match gorgeously. I am actually really impressed with the quality of the bed and it also has storage drawers which I am currently using to house image props, lighting stands and my hair products! The mattress also has a foam topper so its like jumping into heaven every night. 

The headboard is one of my favourite things about the renovation. I knew I wanted a stone colour to match the dark wood dresser but also match my grey curtains. I feel the mauve stone just drawers it all together perfectly and it looks so chic. 

Now I have spoken about my love for changing my bedding and this is no exemption. I have always liked having a winter bedding – something slightly thicker. And then also having a summer bedding that will be a bit lighter. So currently in these images is my winter bedding which is a gorgeous natural linen bedding in a stone grey. Because its linen the quality is amazing and it is thicker so keeps the warmth in. I am planning to get a white bedding for summer because in the lighter months it will make the room brighter. 

The blog post where I talk about my dream bedroom makeover …

I also have more touches that I have added like some new prints from Desenio and I have also put my magazine collection on the shelf above my bed because I do love my Vogues. Its not done yet – I would love to swap my grey curtains for a blind and some linen curtains. I also need a new desk chair as I am using an old kitchen chair painted grey and its not comfortable to sit on when I am working from home all day. 

There are small touches like fashion books, and painting my wardrobe door – so keep an eye out for part two! I also have a renovation video coming out on my Instagram so if you want to see it then make sure to be following me. 

Bed – Furniture World (partially gifted)

Chest of Drawers – Wayfair (similar linked)

Headboard – Next Home

Bedding – Linen Me (gifted)

Prints – Desenio (gifted)

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  1. Benita James says:

    Love the bed furniture.

    The Style Fanatic

  2. juanitalikes says:

    These pictures are hot! I love the head board and completely understand wanting to change the theme of your room every five minutes lol. I love the sound of grey and navy and I heard Desenio have great prints. Have a great weekend Emily : ) xo


  3. Siobhán says:

    I love the bed! There’s nothing like new bed linen to make you want to climb into bed for a cosy evening x


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