5 Ways To Deeply Engage On Others Instagram Posts

The days of ‘love that babe’ are over, and here are 10 meaningful ways to deeply engage on other’s photos on Instagram photos…

The days of ‘love that babe’ are over, and here are 10 meaningful ways to deeply engage on other’s photos on Instagram photos…

A conversation a lot of Instagrammer’s, influencers and bloggers alike are having currently is about how to improve their engagement with the current algorithm. Now this is not a post complaining about the algorithm. Because lets be honest, as much as we complain about it, we have to just role with it and try and work with it, rather than opposed to it. Engagement as we know it, currently is a mix of spam comments, bought engagement and the few odd worthwhile lovely comment. I get so many messages about my growth blog posts (How I Grew 10,000 Followers In A Year) and it is my most viewed blog post. And every time I just respond telling people to never underestimate the power of engaging. Especially in how to deeply engage with others.

But when I say this, I don’t just mean commenting a bunch heart eyes emojis under everyone’s posts. This will do nothing. Think about it. If someone stops you in the street and pays you a really unexpected heartfelt compliment it would genuinely make your day. So if you commented something really heartfelt and relevant on someones photo then it can truly make someones day. You don’t just go around shouting emojis at everyone do you? The more heartfelt a comment is, then the more likely that user is to turn around and pay you a compliment back on your own images. Or by giving you a follow. 

So now we have covered the idea of deep engagement as opposed to spammy comments, we need to know how to actually do it in a strategic way which will be organic, and also help you grow your account. Sounds exciting right? But not only will it help you grow your account but it will also help you get the more meaningful responses on your images that brands are looking for when they do collabs. 

1. Comment something meaningful. We don’t want a load of emojis as mentioned above. But try something that engages with what they have said in their caption. If they have asked a question respond to it. If they have posted an outfit you love, really say why you like their coat and how you would style it. Or if they are discussing a certain topic, then give your views in a light and responsive manner. Maybe ask them a question! 

2. Respond to someones story. Don’t just swipe up and use one of the react buttons. Instead try starting a conversation. Have they spoken about their day? Then ask them what the rest of their plans are. Have they posted that they are out somewhere. Start a conversation about that place! If someone does a poll or a question then don’t just click away from it. Use it as a conversation starter! 

3. When you post interactive story content such as polls or questions. Take the time to engage with those who have interacted with you. Even if you don’t share responses on your story then send them a DM. If I am asking how everyone’s day is going on a poll, those who responded with perhaps ‘meh’ I will message and ask if they are okay. Those sort of gestures are just friendly steps that mean a lot to some people and are not just for the engagement of instagram. 

4. Respond to comments on your own post. It seems really simple but sometimes it can be really overwhelming to try and reply to all the comments especially if you get a lot. Set back some time in the day – mine is always in the evening when I get home from uni – and just reply then. Brands also prefer those who take the time to reply to comments. It shows that you are a genuine person to connect with. 

5. Reply to comments on other peoples images. This is a great way to engage with your target audience. If you are a body positivity creator then go onto another body positivity creators account. Head to their comments and reply to some people who have left comments. Or go onto their accounts and engage with their content as thats the perfect way to find your audience. Or for example if you are a fashion blogger try it with a brand like Topshops commenters as they might be your audience. 

I am thinking about releasing an E-Book next year about growth and how to grow. Let me know if this might be something you are interesting in or would consider purchasing! 

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20 responses to “5 Ways To Deeply Engage On Others Instagram Posts”

  1. Yara Mabote says:

    This is so important! I for once can no longer leave meaningless comments. I rather make effort to give value to the creator by writing more than 3 words or just emojis!
    Great post.


  2. Sophie Joan says:

    What a great post! I completely get where you are coming from, there is nothing worse then seeing a comment that you know is just half-hearted. Being part of the community is the best part about blogging, I love interacting with other people.

  3. Prirmose says:

    Love this, fab tips my lovely! x


  4. I absolutely loved reading this post Emily, this advice on how to deeply engage on other’s Instagram posts is bang on! I would love to read an eBook of yours if you choose to do it, I would definitely buy it! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  5. These are such a great tips. Thank you so much for sharing.

    New Post – https://www.exclusivebeautydiary.com/2020/10/lumene-herkka-soothing-toner-gentle-eye.html

  6. leonienoelle says:

    Thank you for your input! It´s so true.

    Leonie from http://eyeofthelion.de

  7. Ashley | Make Life Marvelous says:

    This post speaks so much to me, friend! I think all of us see so many comments that really don’t even pertain to the post itself. It’s just something to gain attention. I love that you mention to write something genuine and thoughtful, that’s so important. What I’ve noticed is that I want genuine followers, not just numbers to rack up for statistics – and I want to be that genuine follower for others as well.

    Make Life Marvelous

  8. Ashley | Make Life Marvelous says:

    Oh, I completely forgot to mention, I think an e-book on this topic would be SO helpful!!

  9. Mica says:

    These are good tips! I don’t always have time to comment on everyone’s Instagram photos as much as I’d like but I do agree that it’s better to leave a meaningful comment – I like those comments when I get them a lot more than all the spam ones I seem to get!

    Hope that you are having a good week! 🙂

  10. It’s just so much more genuine reading a thoughtful comment, I always try to repay the favour back too

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