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It’s chunky boots season baby, and here are the best ones on offer!

It's chunky boots season baby, and here are the best ones on offer!

I know I keep banging on about autumn fashion and how this is the BEST time of year fashion wise. There is no denying it though so I am still going to talk about it. We have looked at some knits, and next on the list is chunky boots. And this year the chunky boot game is VERY high. The stores are bringing out all the different styles and there is so many to chose from.

The reason why chunky boots are so popular is because of their versatility. They quite importantly keep your feet warm in the colder weather (and you can still keep your fluffy socks on underneath). But also they can be styled with pretty much any outfit depending on the style you get. I have been starting to wear mine with all sorts like dresses, leather look leggings, blue jeans, joggers. You name it! I wanted to include a versatile range. Some that are more higher end, some that are a little bit edgier, and then some that are for everyday use.

I have left these all over on my Instagram stories so if you find yourself wanting to know more then here are the deets. Also I want to point out that the majority of the links used will be affiliate links. It just means that if you buy that product through my link, I will get a percentage of the money… helps me out. But it doesn’t make it more expensive for you, and it will be marked with an *.

1. Dune London PADRONE Extreme Sole Chelsea Boots – £250*. Dune London as a brand is one of my favourites. The quality and styles of their products make them so worth the higher prices. I think these boots are the ideal chunky boot and also have that tab on the back to make it easier to put them on and off.

2. Mango Elastic Panels Ankle Boots – £59.99*. Mango have really surprised me with their boots this season. I saw some on ASOS so I popped onto their site and I also saw these. These are just a classic black boot which are elegant and have that little bit of something to the sole.

3. Mango Platform Boot in Olive Green – £59.99*. I adore these. They are pretty much the same as the other mango boots but in a gorgeous olive green. Olive green is a really good autumn colour for those who don’t like the more orangey tones and they are also a good way to add some colour to an outfit that is a bit more neutral or monochrome.

4. Boohoo Cleated Chelsea Boots – £31.50 down from £35.00*. I wanted to include some more affordable boots. Boots will never be the cheapest item on the list, but there are some sites that do them cheaper than others. Boohoo has some great options and these are pretty much an exact dupe for the Dune London boots.

5. Boohoo Chunky Platform Calf High Hiker Boots – £34.20 down from £38.00*. I had to include a pair of hiker boots! I have a pair from last season from a small brand on ASOS. Honest to god, I wore them so much that the sole is falling off and I have to keep gluing it back on. I love the glossed croc print style of this one – just makes it stand out amongst others.

6. H&M High Profile Boots – £49.99*. I keep seeing loads of boots on Instagram from H&M so I took a look myself. What I am loving about H&M right now is that they are stepping out of their old high street style – where every brand has the same thing. And they are introducing new, and more slightly different styles and these boots are included in that. And when they nail it – everyone on Instagram is seen in it.

7. Topshop ALBIE Ecru Leather Chunky Chelsea Boots – £89.99*. I think white and cream boots are so underrated. They are so luxurious and stand out as an outfit topper. These from Topshop are a pair that caught my eye because of the edging and the panelling.

8. Missguided Khaki Lace Up Chunky Sole Ankle Boots – £40.50 down from £45.00*. THESE ARE BEAUT. I know they wouldn’t be everyones cup of tea but I think they are so good to push you out of your style comfort zone. They have a military kind of vibe and remind me a bit of the Toy Story soldiers (lol) but I just love them.

9. Schuh Women’s Black Dr Martens Pascal 8 Eye Boots – £149.00*. I couldn’t not put a pair of Dr Martens in this post. I recently received a pair and even though they have been a pain to break in, they are now pretty much glued to their feet. They are such an easy boot to wear, and they are one of the best investment boots you can go for as they will be worn year after year.

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