How I Feel About Going Into My Last Year At University

My last year of university starts this week and here is how I feel about it…

When I first started university one of the things that the at-the-time third years mentioned was to just appreciate. And also not take these three years of your life for granted because it goes with a blink of an eye. You sit there and go ‘Okay thank you’, but they genuinely mean it. Because it does. On Friday I will be starting my third year of university. And I can’t even comprehend how fast it has gone.

Two years ago I was sat in a night club at freshers week, and I had no idea who was on my course. Because I lived at home I knew nobody else going to my university. But on that night out I met my friend Lauren, who was also starting the same course, as we happened to be sat on nearby tables. Now, Lauren and our friend Sophie, happen to be some of my closest friends. On our first day of starting university we had to take photos to start one of our modules, and that photo was of Lauren and I sat outside our university. 

Two fashion weeks, 12 modules and one pandemic later we are going into our very last year. Understandably, the last 6 months of our degree haven’t been what they were geared up to be because of the whole COVID situation. For the time being, as my university is an arts university, we are going back physically because its pretty difficult to do an art degree online. I feel so fortunate that for the time being we are going back physically rather than doing the last year online. If it were my first or second year, I wouldn’t have minded it being online. However its the last year I will be able to spend time with my course mates. My course is a really small course, and we are all relatively close because of that. So not to see everyone each week would have and has been really weird. 

I remember when the pandemic first started I always said the main thing that worried me was whether I would be going back to uni or not in September. But it was also at that time we also thought lockdown would be for three weeks only. God imagine if it were. 

I am a bit apprehensive about my third year. Despite being quite pro-active over the summer with doing uni work, I am still a little bit worried about my time management. Typically I am really good when it comes to managing my work, social life, uni work and blog. I know what I have to cut down on in my life to be able to do everything in order to build my future. However I am really bad with saying no. That being said, I know third year is typically meant to be less stressful than second year as everything you do is tailored around what you want to do when you graduate. As this means setting up my business, I am really excited. 

Part of me is excited to graduate. I always used to say that I just want to do university, and graduate so I can get stuck into the fashion industry, and thats one reason why I lived at home. I am not a big party enthusiast either so the university lifestyle was not something I was interested in. And I don’t have any regrets over that because I don’t think I would have been able to be as focused with my blog and Instagram if I weren’t living at home. However I would probably chill out a bit sometimes and just enjoy the socialising with my course mates more often. 

But do I wish that I were going back into my second year? Hell yeah. There was no pandemic, you didn’t have that background pressure of what to do once you graduate. You still have time with your uni friends and its a bit more ‘less adult’. 

Do you just wish sometimes you could reply a year, or stop time once in a while? 

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  1. Anouk says:

    Good luck with your third year! Enjoy every moment, it will go by so fast.


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