Why I Don’t Like The Word ‘Influencer’

If you want to stay on my good side, don’t call me an influencer ….

If you want to stay on my good side, don't call me an influencer ....

Influencer noun[ C ]UK   /ˈɪn.flu.ən.sər/ US   /ˈɪn.flu.ən.sɚ/

someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave

a person who is paid by a company to show and describe its products and services on social media, encouraging other people to buy them

Okay, so looking at the definition of an influencer above, I come under that category. I get paid, to promote products on my Instagram account that might influence the consumption patterns of those who follow me. I get it. But, I refuse to be known as an influencer? Why? I HATE the phrase. I know that hate is a very strong word, but honestly, I cannot stand the term. And I know I am not the other blogger/content creator/online personality to not like the word.

There are several aspects to my disliking of the word ‘influencer’. My boyfriend knows how much I don’t like being called an influencer, and sometimes now says it just to wind me up. But yesterday at work, I was talking to someone about how one of my Tik Tok videos now has over 70K views. He simply replied “You’re a proper influencer now!”. Now I know that was more of a tongue and cheek compliment, however its just that word. That word. Influencer… UGH.

If you want to stay on my good side, don't call me an influencer ....

If someone were to ask me what I do for a living, and what I were to class myself then I would say a content creator and blogger. I started in this online world as a blogger. It was my first platform, and my Instagram was simply a secondary to my blog. Now the roles have changed, and my earnings are predominately from Instagram, however I still commit to two blogs a week. As for the phrase content creator, this is a term which I actually admire a lot.

content creator is someone who is responsible for the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media. They usually target a specific end-user/audience in specific contexts. A content creator can contribute any of the following: blog, news, image, video, audio, email, social updates and other related content.

Within my job I produce a range of content, from photographic, videography, written content and also manage all of my own emails, and schedules. So its not simply publishing one photo a day. It is a fully fledged job and a role that I really aspire too. I also feel that there is a story telling role to a content creator. Publishing content that means something, that there is a story behind each image.

The term influencer is also coined with a really negative connotation on social media. What is ironic, is that in a world of people preaching anti-trolling, self love and body positivity we are also in the biggest era of online judgement and shaming. A lot of people have a judgement towards the term influencer without even knowing someone personally. An influencer might be the most humble person you might meet. But because they get paid to marketing a brand online, they are judged heavily. I get that there are a handful of celebrities who have dragged that influencer world. We don’t want to be associated with them either. However that stereotype is one of the reasons why I hate the term.

If you want to stay on my good side, don't call me an influencer ....

I was looking through Twitter this morning and I came across someones account. She was an influencer marketing manager for a brand. However after looking through her feed all she did was bash influencers. I won’t go into details, but I just thought that surely, someone who works in that industry shouldn’t have those view points. Influencer marketing is the biggest marketing tactic currently, especially with coronavirus meaning brands have to source content from bloggers. It’s an extremely powerful tool and when done successfully it can really boost a brand.

It is just that word. That word linked to the negative views points of so many has really made me think about the content I want to put online. I produce content because I love photography, and videography. I do a fashion media degree so it is an industry I know a lot about. But until the word ‘influencer’ is less judged. And until people realise 90% of influencers have morals and don’t just promote skinny tea, I don’t want to be known by it.

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20 responses to “Why I Don’t Like The Word ‘Influencer’”

  1. I completely agree with you Emily! I’m not a fan of the word influencer. It gets paraded around quite a lot by the media and influencers do tend to get a lot of stick! I like to see myself as a content creator, what we do everyday relates more to content creation rather than influencing. We kind of have that natural influence in us eg when somebody sees something I like wearing and they want to buy it, that’s kind of like accidental influence (if that makes sense!) , a great post lovely! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

    • Emily Clare says:

      Yes! And I think anyone in life can be an ‘influencer’, like for example if you ask your friends opinion on a pair of shoes and they encourage you to buy them, then you are influenced by them!

  2. i agree with you. i feel like the term influencer is really overused right now and becomes so saturated

  3. Mimi says:

    It’s got to the point now where I’m so ashamed to advertise a new blog post on my story, or even put ANYTHING on my story, because I’m scared people will judge me for trying to go down that route and that term, when really, all I want to do is create and document content, write, blog, and continue my passion. I also, hate that word.

    Thanks for putting everything down so perfectly❤️ every word I related with haha.

    • Emily Clare says:

      I don’t think you should be scared at all! You are a blogger – a writer. If you enjoy blogging and writing its just another way of publishing it, as opposed to a book. Maybe try and think about it that way lovely!

  4. zoeyolivia says:

    I agree, I’m not a fan of the word ‘influencer’ too. I go by ‘blogger’ as that’s what I mainly do. x

    Zoey | http://www.zoeyolivia.com

  5. marsybun says:

    The term ‘influencer’ has really gotten quite a bad rep in the past couple of years, and I would never want to be called that even if I fit into that category!

  6. glowsteady says:

    100% with you here. I hate the term influencer. I go by content creator if people ask and that very rarely gets questioned. I’m not even sure where the negative connotation came from now but I know the vast majority of people in the online world hate it x


  7. aimsysantics says:

    I have to agree with you on this one, I think it is the negative connotations that come with it that that I dislike. I am shocked what you saw on twitter too, that isn’t a great way to life the negative connotations, is it?

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    • Emily Clare says:

      I was shocked too! Especially form someone who works in influencer marketing. If you don’t like that sector of the marketing industry don’t just drag it on twitter! You never know future employers can see that!

  8. Ashley says:

    I’m right there with ya, babe. The term “influencer” doesn’t sit well with me, either. I like blogger/content creator, too! Like you, I started my blog first (and continue to keep it up because it’s the only platform I actually OWN!) and so being a blogger really resonates.

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. Yes indeed this is a loaded word for sure. I think if it was a more male dominated arena with male “influencers” pushing tech products it would not be a name that is looked down upon. I would not worry about it. If you are making money doing something you enjoy and not a job you dislike or are uninspired by then it is worth dealing with the name. A small price to pay. Just enjoy the ride and enjoy your life. You seem pretty lucky, enjoy it!

    Allie of

    • Emily Clare says:

      Oh I never even looked at it from that perspective but you are true it is so heavily related to females! I think it depends on the person though, I am glad that this is my job, but if you were in a job and it had a negative connotation to it I think anyone would be a little upset about it.

  10. Completely agree with you! I feel like the term ‘influencer’ undermines or cuts out all the hard work that goes into what you’re doing – ‘content creator’ is a much better term, in my opinion!

    Tash // A Girl with a View

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