Best Knitted Dresses For Autumn

The knitted dresses that will look good and keep you warm during autumn…

The knitted dresses that will look good and keep you warm during autumn...
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Now that the UK’s mini heatwave from last week seems to be tailing off and the autumn temperatures are in site us fashion bloggers can start wearing all our knitwear without feeling like we will pass out of heat exhaustion. Autumn is fully on my mind and the prospect of getting the knitwear and coats out is buzzing around my head. New autumn wardrobe pieces (specifically knitted dresses) are just something else. Put that together with the leaves falling down, its a win win situation.

The knitted dresses that will look good and keep you warm during autumn...

Autumn is all about the textures, the layering, and the adventure of styling outfits in new ways. Whether you celebrate autumn with the rust tone outfits, or adding layers upon layers (or just picking a new Netflix series to watch) its a chance to experiment. Something I experimented last winter with, and want to play around with more this autumn is a knitted dress. This blog post is an ode to discovering and styling new knitwear dresses that might make their way into my wardrobe.

My perfect way to style a knitted dress like the one I got from Zara in my images is with a leather jacket for the colder days, and a pair of chunky or biker boots. It gives it that edge but also makes it more practical for day to day wear. But there are also options to style a knitted dress with some trainers, some leggings and some patterned tights. They are very comfortable – trust me they are COMFY.

The knitted dresses that will look good and keep you warm during autumn...

There are some really versatile styles out there this season so I have added them into a bit of a collection below.

Under £30

£35 to £70

£70 and Over

Let me know what ones you love and how you would style them!

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8 responses to “Best Knitted Dresses For Autumn”

  1. shelbeeontheedge1 says:

    Super cute dress! I love knit dresses all year round. They are so great even for just lounging around the house but still feeling and looking stylish!


  2. I love the relaxed vibe of your dress! These pics are beautiful.


  3. Jodie says:

    Dresses are the way to go because you can change up the layering so easily!! Love this dress with the boots.

  4. Miki Esme says:

    I love this look on you!  Knitted dresses can easily wear to attend any event. So Good!
    Thanks for sharing

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