How To Spice Up Your Ear Candy

The gorgeous pieces which will jazz up your ear candy and turn you into an earring magpie…

*This blog post includes jewellery that has been gifted previous but I am in no obligation to post about them*
The gorgeous pieces which will jazz up your ear candy and turn you into an earring magpie…

Happy Tuesday loves. Despite the fact that today is quite possibly one of the most humid and muggy days of the year so far, I have spent most of the day shooting content for one of my ‘Thirty Five’ clients who are a jewellery brand. But as I was going through my shots I realised it has been a while since I did a blog post about jewellery or any kind of accessory for that matter. So I thought lets talk all about the ear candy.

I mentioned about a year ago how I was actively trying to wear more jewellery because I was really good at wearing the same basic silver studs everyday. I had a good collection of earrings that I had been building up ever since I got my ears pieced at 11, yet I barely wore any. And as a fashion blogger it was becoming quite criminal of me not to change up my accessories. 

I have become a lot better though and I do wear a variety of earrings daily. In that spirit, I have also become a bit of a lover of gold jewellery specifically. They say different colour jewellery suits different skin tones. I personally think my skin tone is too warm for silver jewellery, hence why I drift towards gold for the daily pieces. However some of my nicer jewellery is silver, and that comes out in the winter. 

I know a lot of people have the staples that they don’t really change. So this blog post is all about how to change it up a bit. You know, if you fancy something different, or have a special occasion. Getting out of that jewellery habit can be hard. But more so for earrings as its easy to leave them in and forget about them.

The gorgeous pieces which will jazz up your ear candy and turn you into an earring magpie…
How Many Piercings?

I have two piercings in my ear lobes (and I am even tempted to get a third). I would really suggest any earring lover to get the second hole. It allows you to match earrings together well and they compliment each other. My second piercing always tends to be a smaller hoop or stud and then I go for the statement piece in my first hole. But if you are wanting something a little bit more glitz or want to really add impact to your ear candy then definitely get the second hole. 

Ear Cuffs

Something I have discovered more recently are ear cuffs. I have always wanted my cartilage on my ears pierced but I have never actually gone for it. But ear cuffs are little ring for your ears which you can just slip on and they look like a third piercing. They are a good non-permeant option even if you don’t have any ear piercing at all. My favourites are from Orelia, however I have linked some options below.

Find Brands That You Love

Once you have started finding brands that you love, you will want to wear jewellery more often and change up your looks more frequently. I used to always buy a cheaper pair of earrings, or a set from Primark for £3. However sometimes I find if you buy for a brand/ethics/style you like rather than the price you become more attached to them. Brands that I adore include Monica Vinader, Daisy Jewellery, and Astrid and Miyu. But do your research as there are so many brands out there from high street jewellers to online Etsy sellers.

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