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It’s summer so lets get those legs out and have a look at some shorts in the shops at the moment…

It's summer so lets get those legs out and have a look at some shorts in the shops at the moment...

One thing I can see myself becoming more and more obsessed with over the next couple of weeks are shorts. Despite it being not very nice outside when I am writing this, I am sure we are going to get some more nice weather. This only means one thing… its time to get those legs out! I know know everyone likes shorts. I know that wearing shorts can make people feel self conscious because I have been in the same boat. But I am starting to embrace shorts because lets be honest, on the hotter days of the year I just can’t bear to wear jeans.

I wanted to include a variety of denim ones which you can wear to the beach, or out and a about, perhaps if you are going on a holiday. But I have also put in some cycling shorts, and some jersey shorts because when I am working from home I just live in them. SO DAMN COMFY.

I have left these all over on my Instagram stories so if you find yourself wanting to know more then here are the deets. Also I want to point out that the majority of the links used will be affiliate links. It just means that if you buy that product through my link, I will get a percentage of the money… helps me out. But it doesn’t make it more expensive for you, and it will be marked with an *.

1. H&M Denim Shorts High Waist – £17.99*. I have a few pairs of H&M denim shorts and I love them. I have an oversized black pair from two years ago and they just age so well. They look brand new still and I love the quality. So I picked out these because I liked the fact that even though they were high waisted they aren’t so short that they are showing off your arse cheeks.

2. Saint + Sofia Women’s Khaki Kew Shorts – £65.00*. I actually have the shorts as I was sent them as a PR sample, however I wanted to include them out of my own free will because I loved the fit of them. They are oversized but come in on the waist so they are really flattering and perfect for those who don’t like tight shorts. They are also really high quality and so soft.

3. Public Desire Relaxed Fit Shorts With Toggles – £16.99*. I am actually a little bit obsessed with these shorts! I love the fit, but the fact you could wear them lounging around or out with a sweatshirt and some chunky trainers just is amazing. And they are only £16.99 so I know what I am going to be purchasing next…

4. Adidas Training Shorts – £37.95*. I have spoken in my latest post about how I have been working out during lockdown. But as we have had some really nice weather in lockdown I have been needing some shorts rather than leggings as its just too hot. I love the style of these Adidas ones because they are lose, breathable and easy to move around in.

5. Weekday Roxy Terry Jersey Shorts in grey – £25.00*. Again some gorgeous lounging around shorts by Weekday. These longer shorts are very boyfriend style fit but I am all here for that. I think they are so on trend and very Instagram worthy too.

6. Mango Belt Crepe Shorts – £19.99 down from £29.99*. These shorts are the epitome of city chic and they are just absolutely gorgeous. I love the fact that you can wear them with heels and a blazer but you could also dress them down with a sweatshirt and chunky trainers (can you tell I like that combo?).

7. Mango Cyclist Denim Bermuda – £25.99 down from £29.99*. Again Mango are bring out all the on trend Parisienne style shorts. I have been on the hunt for these longer cyclist shorts but denim versions. If you haven’t seen them all over Instagram then were have you been?

8. Zara Darted Shorts TRF – £25.00. I have included white shorts above, but these are slightly more formal than the other jersey shorts. Perfect to match with a white blazer or light on the model with a black top. These shorts look like, easy to wear and the style means they will be baggy but not too oversized.

9. Zara Seamless Shapewear Cycling Bermuda Shorts – £9.99. I had to put these in because I fell in love with them. These are a bit like the Skims shorts however they are only £9.99. You could wear these at home to long around in, or you could put them under clothes were you want your figure on show. ADORE.

10. Missguided Khaki Crop Top and Cycling Shorts Co Ord Set – £10.80 down from £18.00*. Now I love Missguided for their cycling shorts. They sell a lot of their shorts as coord sets and they are still reasonably priced so for a top and shorts its a good deal. I picked this khaki set because in the summer khaki gives off a really good tan on your skin.

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  1. Radi says:

    Currently loving biker shorts. That’s what I’ve been wearing most!


  2. elisebythepiece says:

    These are so cute! Even though a big t-shirt is all I’ve been wearing, I want these for em!
    Elise | http://www.elisebythepiece.com

  3. Danielle says:

    Such a great round up. I am a sucker for shorts at the moment!


  4. BeautiliciousD says:

    These are so pretty xx Great post 🙂


  5. These are a goodrange of options hon! I recently bought a pair of faux brown culottes that I’m really into atm. Have a good weekend, Xo

  6. Kinga K. says:

    Cool post 🙂

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