BLM – Backing Words With Actions, Who To Follow, Where To Donate.

It’s time for us to acknowledge who we follow, and be accountable for this on our platforms and to understand BLM. 

Image – @c_illidge
Disclaimer – This blog post is not an ad, sponsored or nor does it profit from any money. If it did it would all be donated to the listed charities.

I didn’t just want to post a ‘regular’ fashion blog post today with everything that is going on today in society, the media and our livelihoods. I didn’t just want to sit back and watch others post what I was feeling. For me then to just reshare that. But after hours of scrolling through a mixture of videos of rioting, graphics of anti-racism quotes, BLM graphics and everything people are indulging with right now, I wanted to put out something that covered this issue, but also would help those educate themselves. 

I am aware of my privileges. But I will be openly educating myself on everything that I can do to help. Whether you choose to help by signing petitions, donating to anti-racism charities, reading and watching films and books to educate yourselves. There is no point sitting back and saying “I don’t know what to say”. Instead take the time to properly teach yourself. It shouldn’t be up to those who are black to help you with this. Its something we are all capable doing ourselves. I will leave a link to a load of resources I have found helpful below, and links to petitions and charities to donate to below. 

However when thinking of writing this blog post I wanted to also provide a platform where we can divulge in making a more diverse floor. Even before this sparked up in the media the past week, diversity in the blogging industry has been an issue. I read an interview in the Blogosphere magazine between Gabriel Sey and Danny Lowney where Danny exclaimed “I’m embarrassed on behalf of the industry at the lack of diversity”. Its something which should have been addressed before now. I just want to provide a blog post that can share with you some of the empowering, black content creators and influencers.

I hope that this helps you to increase your awareness and diversity. But to also celebrate the wonderful black creative individuals in a time where some people might need a bit of positivity and resbite. Obviously there are so many individuals that I could mention, so take your time to actively look. How diverse really is your feed? 

Basic Touches – https://www.instagram.com/basicstouch/
Style Idealist – https://www.instagram.com/styleidealist/
Style By Ash – https://www.instagram.com/stylebyaysh/
Emma Brown – https://www.instagram.com/emma.brwn/
In My Sunday Best – https://www.instagram.com/inmysundaybest/
Fisayo Longe – https://www.instagram.com/fisayolonge/
Sulsworld – https://www.instagram.com/sulsworld/
Nicole Ocran – https://www.instagram.com/nicoleocran/
Eunice – https://www.instagram.com/fashionenth/

During this time people need to come together and make a change. I understand I will never be able to fully understand but I want to be able to stand up, and speak out, even if this blog post is just a small way that you can also influence your change. Not just today, or this week, but for indefinitely. 

Resources – The are just a few I am starting with and will share more on my instagram stories:

Other Ways You Can Help:

There are obviously a lot of other resources, donation sites and petitions so please spare your time to research yourself.

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