5 Bikini Brands To Consider This Summer

The heatwave is in full swing and its time to get the bikini out…

The heatwave is in full swing and its time to get the bikini out…

I hope everyone is enjoying this little heatwave we are currently having! For those not in the UK, then a heatwave in British terms is anything above 18C. Because for us thats hot. It is almost like mother nature is gracing us with good weather throughout the whole lockdown situ because we known it would have been 10x worse with constant rain. Despite that though, its typical the weather has been nice the year summer has been cancelled. But this doesn’t stop us searching high and low to find the best bikini brands. 

I am on the hunt for some new bikinis, as I have lost a bit of weight since I last wore mine so I need some new pieces. I just also want to put out there that this post is aimed at everyone of every size, because a bikini body isn’t a thing. If you have a body and have a bikini on, then you have a bikini body, end of (YOU GO GIRL). 

I feel like there is also so much to offer though, with so many different brands I never know where to look. So I have found a few brands that you might not have considered. Or you might have and completely forgotten about. Comment down below which brand you are going to check out! 

The High Street Favourite – H&M

My personal go to for highstreet bikinis is H&M. I have bought a few items in their swimwear collection before and year after year they do good staple swimwear items. I always find the quality high, and easy on the bank account too. The best thing I like about their swimwear is that they do similar items each year. So if you have gone up or down a size or know that you might need a new pair next year, they do similar items each year for you to be able to just rebuy. Currently their conscious collection bikini bottoms are only £3.99 so you can see why they are a good choice! 

As Seen On Instagram – Marble Swimwear 

A brand which I have especially found myself looking at recently because of the ‘gram is Marble Swimwear. Currently they are about to release a new collection in collaboration with Nadia Anya (@nadiaanya_) so if you haven’t seen them on your feed yet you are about to. They are also an ethical and sustainable brand so if thats on your priorities then I highly recommend them. I would say their prices are midrange but their designs are top notch. 

Customisable Swimwear – Ten Studio

So yes, customisable swimwear is a thing. And I love it. I saw this brand via @laurengracelifestyle on Instagram. Their website is fun, the branding is bold and I just love that its customisable. Its like nothing you have ever seen before and I just think its really fun. If you want swimwear that you haven’t seen before then this is a must. They are currently on sale for £60-£80 down from £115 so if you want a summer treat this is perfect. 

High End Sustainable – Cooke & Kin

Fancy splashing out the cashing this year? Want something a little more lavish? Then look no further than Cooke & Kin. Co founded by the gorgeous @olivecooke this swimwear is pretty to die for. The neutral colours and minimal designs are just everything that you could dream of in swimwear. I loved the ethics of this brand too, so if you want to splurge a little more money then thats something to consider. 

Sexy Plus Size Swimwear – Pretty Little Thing

I actually did a bit of looking around for plus size swimwear that is sexy, on trend and will make you feel good. And a lot of people mentioned Pretty Little Thing. I am always careful buying there, or buying cheap, however they do their swimwear up to a size 30. Their sizing is very inclusive and all their styles are available across the sizes. They were also recommend by cosmopolitan! 

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  1. Ella-Rose says:

    I definitely need to invest in some new swimwear! I’ll check these recommendations out – thanks for sharing 🙂

    Ella-Rose // http://www.wanderingterra.com

  2. miaioad says:

    Cuuute – I always find dressing when I am on holiday really difficult as its so warm ha and I love fall clothing, but found these bikinis and because they’re so loud, minimal layers/accessories are needed!


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