Different Ways To Style A Maxi Dress

How to style a maxi dress to give that outfits a bit of oomph…

*Images shot before lockdown*

One area of my wardrobe that I started exploring a little bit more last year was the dress section. I love to stick to my jeans and t-shirt combination (or t-shirt and joggers right now) but I felt like it was time for a bit of a change. I always used to be quite apprehensive of maxi dresses – that they are for formal occasions, are more mature than my age. But lets be honest thats not an issue when I am an oldie at heart. So since getting out of that comfort zone last year, I have tried different ways to style my maxi dress so that it can be used for more than just a maxi dress.

I feel like maxi dresses are the perfect summer dress. I love a good maxi in the warmer weather. Just picture this. Sitting in the garden (because lockdown obvs), glasses of Pimms or cup of tea on hand, scone ready to be eaten, sun is shining… your own cream tea at home with a gorgeous maxi number to make it a little bit more of an occasion. But despite the fact that maxi dresses are really easy to wear during the summer, I only have one staple one which I adore currently, so I wanted to test the waters to see how I could style it to create different outfits. 

I know a lot of people might frown at the idea of dressing up during lockdown. Like why go to all that effort when you are sitting in your house all day? I get it. But for me, sometimes putting a bit of makeup on, and getting dressed rather than staying in yesterdays pyjamas gives me a little more motivation. I still get question by my parents asking “What are you all dressed up for?”. However its just a way to put a little bit of normality in my routine. 

Now my maxi dress in question is this Topshop floral maxi which I got last year. However I have scouted for something similar. I always think every year that Topshop really hit the nail on the head with maxi dresses, especially floral ones. I literally saw this one on Instagram and bought it instantly because even though it was different for me, I just loved it. Also the print isn’t too bold either, so for a first maxi dress it was gorgeous. However other brands that do perfect floral maxi dresses include SilkFred, Never Fully Dress and ASOS. 

The casual maxi – So I don’t want to be captain obvious here. But the most clear cut way to wear a maxi dress is to just style it on its own. Pop some sandals on for a summery look, or you could wear some trainers with them. It’s the 21st century so trainers and dresses are a LOOK. If the neckline is lower then a necklace will compliment it well, and you can grab and handbag and you are ready to go. 

Layering with a jumper – Like I have done here, you can easily through a jumper onto of your maxi dress for those colder days. When I took these images before lockdown with Lauren, I was a bit apprehensive as to wear it looked good together. And looking back I adore the outfit. It is the perfect cream tea outfit or brunch outfit as it’s a good way to put a more casual twist on the maxi dress look. 

Change the shape using a belt – Something you probably didn’t even think about is changing the shape of your maxi using a belt. There are loads of different styled maxi dresses on the market, and as much as we would like to have them all, we probably can’t. However you can get a good alternative by just using a belt. You can pop the belt around your waist and manipulate the fabric to create a waistline, to tuck fabrics you name it. 

Pop a t-shirt underneath – For strappy maxi dress numbers you can easily put a long sleeved or short sleeved t-shirt underneath when the weather is chillier, or if you want to change up your look. A white or black t-shirt will go a long way and its a good way to include layering in the summer months. Layering isn’t just for winter! 

Grab a jacket – Again a jacket can go a long way to making the outfit different. For a more formal look chose a blazer or leather jacket. And for something more summery a light weight cardigan or denim jacket work well. 

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  1. Joanna Journals says:

    Great post! I love the jumper you’ve added; I think it looks really modern but feminine at the same time. I never know if I’ll be able to pull off a maxi dress, but I think it might be something I look into more this summer. This has defo inspired me to explore the options!

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