Testing New Dermalogica Products

Because there is nothing better than new Dermalogica products to have a play around with…

Because there is nothing better than new Dermologica products to have a play around with…

I feel like ever since we entered lockdown my skin has had a little freakout and I have been suffering with it a bit. From being really oily a few months ago, to my skin being hellishly dry now, I almost don’t know where I stand now. I have said before that in the last couple of years I have been quite blessed with my skin. But in the last couple of weeks especially my skin has had some of the worst breakouts that I might have ever had. 

Recently a PR package landed on my doorstep from Now 4 Beauty. They kindly gifted me some bits to test out from Dermalogica. Now I don’t want to shock you, but despite the endless amount of Dermalogica products you see floating around your Instagram feed because everyone raves about them, I have never actually tried them before. So I now have an amazing little selection of Dermalogica products to share with you. Now 4 Beauty were very generous and gifted me samples from different ranges such as Dull & Dry Skin Range, Breakout Prone Skin Range and the Uneven Skin Tone Range. But I wanted to share some of the specific ones that I have tried and tested and what I honestly think of them. 

Because there is nothing better than new Dermologica products to have a play around with…
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (gifted)

I love a good exfoliator especially as my skin gets quite dry I feel like I helps make my skin look more even under makeup when I use it. This exfoliator basically comes as a powder and then you add a few drops of water into it to form the paste. I liked how this exfoliator lathered on the skin so it acts as a bit of an exfoliator and cleanser. Its also not too harsh on the skin, and as in the name you can use it daily. Previously I used an exfoliator which I only used once every other or every three days so my skin didn’t suffer. However this doesn’t feel abrasive but you still feel like creates that smooth canvas for makeup. 

Dermalogica Age Bright Spot Fader (gifted)

I swear by spot gels, and considering my last one has pretty much just run out it was on my radar to try out a new one. I recently had a breakout on my forehead, which was the first big breakout I have had in a long time, but it was the perfect time to really put this product to the test. This spot gel is specifically for reducing breakouts and then fading post breakout marks. I think the biggest difference that I noticed was the reduction in post breakout marks. Despite my breakout, you now can’t see any areas that were affected, and it melts into the skin quite easily.

Dermalogica AGE Bright Clearing Serum (gifted)

As someone who suffers with sensitive skin, I have always been a bit weary of what products I put on my face because more times than not they will react with my skin. However I found this serum to be quite soothing on my skin, and it didn’t leave it feeling tight or dry. Its nice to massage into the face after cleansing and to help clear up skin. It’s highly concentrated and despite exfoliating the skin, accelerates the skins cell turnover to help clear up any blemishes. 

Dermalogica Precleanse (gifted) 

Now I feel like this is the product that has sort of revolutionised my skin care routine. Normally I would go straight in with a cleanser to my skin care routine, after taking my makeup off with micellar water or a makeup wipe. I know how harsh makeup wipes can be for your skin, and even though it is convenient this precleanser will sooth the skin after using it. I put it on with a dry face and dry hands to let the oil really get rid of any more leftover makeup. Then I will add water to the scenario to lighten the cleanser and melt away the makeup. I don’t feel like it clogs my pores either as its really light. 

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  1. I have heard such good things about Dermalogica and have been curious about their products for years now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and what has worked for you.

  2. How did you think the products we’re after longer term usage? Would love to know more about the ingredients these products had!

    • Emily Clare says:

      I am not a skincare genius so I can’t really advise you on the ingredients! But they have loads of helpful info on their website!

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