A Guide To Making Your Wardrobe More Minimalistic

What you need to know about making your wardrobe simple, minimalistic and #Goals. 

What you need to know about making your wardrobe simple, minimalistic and #Goals.

Okay, I know its May, however the weather is still pretty iffy at times. I do wish it was 30C and we could just sunbathe our way through lockdown. But unfortunately we live in England and that just doesn’t seem to be the case. My jumpers are still out, and I haven’t completely put away my winter wardrobe yet. However whether its summer or winter there is definitely a way to stick to a minimalistic wardrobe. 

I know this isn’t for everyone. Of course, everyone has different preferences on the style they like colours etc… But trying to keep a more minimalistic wardrobe can be tailored around your style choices. For those, who don’t have a dedicated dressing room, or have a smaller wardrobe like myself keeping a more minimalistic wardrobe is pretty essential. Despite how much I wish I had an abundance of LBD’s I know that I physically do not have the space for it. So for me, trying to make my wardrobe more minimalistic is pretty essential and practical. 

I don’t feel that my style completely fits into the minimalistic bracket just yet. It’s definitely a longer process than simply just… doing it. However I am working towards it, not only for the practical issues, but also to stop me buying as much and being more aware of what I am buying. So I thought I would leave some ideas of how to do it, and things for summer and winter that might be ideal in a minimalist wardrobe. 

What you need to know about making your wardrobe simple, minimalistic and #Goals.

Stage 1 – Pick A Colour Scheme. I have always dreamed about having a massive wardrobe filled with clothes that are all colour coordinated. You see it on Pinterest and it goes in like the ‘house goals’ section. I have realised that I actually don’t wear a lot of colour, and I don’t find that an issue. But I think when you have a smaller wardrobe filled with endless amounts of colour, it tends to be harder to match outfits together. An ideal minimalistic wardrobe would consist of your neutral pieces of clothing. And then maybe one or two other colours that fit into your neutrals. That way you can easily match new outfits together, everything will go well, and you know when you go to buy something, that it will fit in your wardrobe. 

Stage 2 – Know Your Basics. A minimalistic wardrobe is a basic lovers dream. I love an outfit that is just a plain black tee and some jeans or trousers, or a white baggy t-shirt. They are simple yet will always be on trend because they are simple yet can be casual or dressed up. You can get plain tops for as cheap as £2 from Primark. Yet I prefer to go somewhere like Zara for my basics as the quality is really good. 

Stage 3 – Think About Layers. Especially in the colder months, it’s really important to consider what layers you have, and what you can put together. However this also goes for the summer. You obviously don’t need thick jumpers and tights under your dress however items like cardigans are always needed for those chillier days or wetter days during the summer season. So just be wise about the layers you opt for and the ones that probably won’t match every outfit. 

What you need to know about making your wardrobe simple, minimalistic and #Goals.

Summer Items For A Minimalistic Wardrobe

Basic Short Sleeved T-Shirts – easy to go with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts you name it. You can’t have a complete wardrobe without them. I always go for a more baggier style as they are easier to then style with other pieces i.e can be tucked in or out, and styled easier. 

Linen Shorts – I know I did a whole blog post about this, but linen shorts can be dresses up for going out during summer months, or they can be worn around the house. Or an alternative is a pair of denim shorts. I prefer the comfort of linen shorts, however they are both good options. 

Black Flip Flops – I have been currently crushing over the chunkier black flip flops that have been accumulating on my Pinterest board. But having a pair of black flip flops in your wardrobe you know they will go with pretty much every outfits easily and they are just nicer to wear than thick trainers when its hot. 

Maxi Dress – Something that I have started to appreciate is a good maxi dress. They are lightweight to wear and can be easily worn for both formal and casual occasions. You can then also wear them in winter, layering with a jumper and a pair of tights. 

What you need to know about making your wardrobe simple, minimalistic and #Goals.

Winter Items For A Minimalistic Wardrobe

Biker Boots – This past winter I invested in a pair of biker boots, and I couldn’t believe how much wear I got out of them. I nearly ended up wearing them with every outfit, from skirts to jeans to dresses. LITERALLY EVERYTHING. They are really comfy, and definitely a good investment for both fashion and practicality. 

Black Puffer Coat – Back in November I invested in a North Face Puffer jacket. Yes, it nearly broke my bank, but it was such a good investment. I wear it all the time. Its definitely on the more casual side, but it is one of the warmest coats I own. When buying coats, its often best to do research and buy quality over quantity. 

Roll Neck Tops and Jumpers – I am a big jumper and roll neck fan. Simply because you know that they will be on sale in some form or another each year. This past year H&M even restocked ones they had from the winter before because the trend of roll neck jumpers is just inevitable. 

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