How To Have A Wardrobe Detox

I don’t think there is a better time to have a wardrobe detox and here is how to do it successfully. 

I don’t think there is a better time to have a wardrobe detox and here is how to do it successfully.

You know there is nothing better than having a good old clean out. Yes the whole concept of starting it, getting out the bin liners and separating your clothes into different piles is laborious. In fact, it took me a whole 4 weeks of lockdown to even start doing it. And that is only because I had NOTHING else to do. So I really can’t preach the whole you need to be doing it. I get it. It’s probably one of those mental and physical pushes when we would just rather be watching Netflix or something. But it was a combination of my clothes mountain in my room building and the fact I *knew* it was something I had to do, that spurt me on to actually do it. So I. DID. IT. 

I felt that I was really struggling to come up with summery outfits to shoot. When the weather got hotter I didn’t really know what to wear other than my shorts and bikini top when sitting in the garden. There definitely is nothing wrong with that (#GetYourTanOn) but I also sometimes would like to wear something different from that or jumpers. Because I do the whole dump my clothes and not hang them up at night, I forget which clothes I have and what I need to hang up. I think you get the picture and this is why I am unpicking the whole wardrobe detox idea today…

Actually I felt a little bit of excitement after clearing out my wardrobe. I didn’t just have my clothes and shoes and bags etc. in my wardrobe, but also a lot of PR products and skin care which I had simply thrown in and not really done anything with. And I now LOVE the fact my wardrobe looks so clean. You can ACTUALLY see the floor. I will admit though its a bit of a lengthy process so I have picked out a few of my tips.

I don’t think there is a better time to have a wardrobe detox and here is how to do it successfully.

Set Out Sections To Charity, To Sell, Or Pass On.

So whenever I clear out my wardrobe I never throw any pieces away because thats never a good idea is it? I either give it to charity, sell it on, or pass it on to relatives or friends that might want anything. I know currently shops and charity shops are shut. However I know some charities are still doing doorstep collection, which is worth looking into. Or just bag it up securely and leave it somewhere to take when they are open.

Another alternative if clothes aren’t the best condition is H&M. H&M do a scheme where you return a bag of clothes, and brand and any condition and per bag you give back you get a £5 voucher to spend in store. I do this regularly because not only do they recycle the clothes and fabric, but then you also get a little something back. So set out different piles for you to know what you will donate to charity, or sell etc. 

When Was The Last Time You Wore That? 

“Oh but I might need it in the future!” Is a saying I know we all think when we don’t really want to get rid of something but know we should. This is essential for me because I don’t have the biggest wardrobe in the world. So I have to be really practical about what I keep in it. If I haven’t worn something in the last 6 months to a year or don’t see myself wearing it again then its a good indicator its time to go. 

Pop On Your Fave Tunes Or A Podcast.

Do not even be tempted to put the TV. You know you will be sucked in and the next thing you know you are three hours into a Netflix binge. I find that putting some music or a podcast on is a little easier. It gives you something to dance along to whilst doing what is a bit of a chore. 

Tackle It In Sections.

Sometimes it might be the issue that you don’t even know where to start. I started by sorting through my clothes mountain. Putting bits in the wash and then putting everything that needed hanging up into a pile. Then I looked at my jumpers, what I should keep for next year, and what I probably won’t wear again. Then onto tops, I got rid of some tops I had been holding onto as ‘just incase’ items and then I organised it to tops I am most likely to wear in Spring and Summer to more wintery tops towards the back. Next, I looked at jeans because I have a few pairs which just don’t fit anymore. Or some which I have had so long that they just have no shaping whatsoever. Then everything got hung back up, and I moved on to the same process for shoes and bags. 

I don’t think there is a better time to have a wardrobe detox and here is how to do it successfully.

Look At Your Personal Tastes

Everyone has their own fashion sense. But with shops and trends always changing this is bound to adapt in some sort of way. Look at what you have been drawn to more lately and what you haven’t. As you can see form these pictures, monochrome outfits and neutrals are very much my go to. So I knew that anything very bright on colour isn’t likely to be worn. Obviously I don’t get rid of every inch of colour. But there were a few pieces like a bright pink jumper, that I can’t see my wearing soon. 

Still haven’t bit the bullet? Just think about it. If you do it now whilst we are on lockdown, then once its over you don’t have to rate your time spent with friends and family doing it then! 

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  1. I just sold over 400 pieces of clothes and man did it feel good to get stuff out of my house! Feeling so much better with it all gone.

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