How To Keep Your Weekends, Weekends

How to make sure your weekends are a work free and wine filled space, and how to know its Wednesday not Saturday…

How to make sure your weekends are a work free and wine filled space, and how to know its Wednesday not Saturday...

As most of us are either working from home, or aren’t working at the moment, its become a lot harder to differentiate between weekdays and weekends. I mean I think its Sunday as I am writing this? But lets be honest there is definite emphasis on *think*. I always used to work on Friday nights (the joys of bar work) and then because I did the social media for a rugby club, my Saturdays were taken up with that. So to say my weekends are different since lockdown is a big fat YES.

But what I have been trying to prioritise during lockdown is making some sort of routine so that I can keep the weekdays for work and the weekends for me. Despite me say that, I am writing this on a Sunday. But for me blog post writing is a bit of a down time activity. On the other hand I am still at university, so I am keeping that for in the week. Keeping a divide for me has become important and if I could I would preach it from the top of the mountains. 

As I mentioned, on Friday nights I used to work behind a bar, and then after we would have ‘Friday Night Club’ i.e. get a bit bevved up and if it ended on Saturday you knew it was a good night. Now obviously we are in lockdown. With the good weather its been harder for me to try and do uni work on Fridays. I try and motivate myself to do things like coursework, emails, and blog posts by 4pm on Friday. But if I can get it done earlier then I will.

Then with my family on Friday nights we have been having food we usually wouldn’t and then play cards. We have been doing hot plates (basically cook your own food buffet style), we have had calzones, and a BBQ. If we don’t play cards we will FaceTime the ‘Friday Night Club’ instead. I think the whole experimental food nights have become a bit of a Friday thing to look forward to. 

Saturday’s have become my rest days as such. I won’t set an alarm or if I do it will be a late one for example at 9am. During the week I have been setting alarms for somewhere between 7-8am to keep some sort of routine. I also like to upload instagrams in the morning during the week so I get up for that. I will have a coffee and some breakfast whilst watching some TV or netflix. With the weather being so good lately, my afternoons have just consisted of sunbathing, and spending some time in the garden.

I have been listing to the ‘Shag Married Annoyed’ podcast by Chris and Rosie Ramsey. It always leaves me in tears from laughing and its a good chill podcast. I spend a bit more time on my morning skin care routine, because I have always abandoned a morning routine. On Saturday’s I will also spend more time on walks. I limit myself during the week for timing purposes, but for example this past Saturday me and my mum went out for about an hour and a half. Food ideas vary, depending who wants to cook, but Saturday evenings are wine and film time. 

On Sunday’s I might spend some time doing work if I am at a loose end. However its quite chilled. I will get up around 8am if I want to upload an IGTV – my WIFI is quite slow so I have to do it when nobody else it using it. I will then get back into bed and just chill for a bit on my phone.

Sunday mornings are often fry ups or pancakes for breakfasts so by the time we finish its more like brunch. In the afternoon I like to take things at my own pace. I like to try and do some work Sundays as it sets me up for the rest of the week. I will try and get a bit organised, plan the week ahead and just mill around the house really. Often I will wash my hair at the weekend and Sunday evenings are my go tos. 

Even though we are in week 5 of isolation, I still have a list of things I need to do during lockdown. They are mostly things I know I need to do, but sometimes they get out on the back burner. But because of work during the week they are weekend jobs. For example: 

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  1. Lucy says:

    I love that you’re keeping the weekdays for working and keeping the weekends for doing the things you want and love to do! It’s all about finding that balance! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. Yes it’s a good way to add some structure! Thanks for he tips you gave. Love to see your posts

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