The Floral Blouse Instagram Asked About

You need to get this floral blouse from Loavies in your wardrobe *NOW*

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You need to get this floral blouse from Loavies in your wardrobe *NOW*

Whenever the word ‘blouse’ is mentioned to me I always sort of turn my nose up to it. I am not really a blouse person, they always seem to have an age to them. I am sorry for any hard core blouse lovers, however they were never really my cup of tea. Very much a comfort deal here. But recently I have even finding them creeping into my wardrobe. In fact, when someone mentions ‘blouse’ to me you would automatically think staple white blouse, to go on a pair of blue jeans. It is a classic which to me is a little bit nauseatingly cliché and didn’t think was my style.

By alas, I sit here now writing about a floral blouse which took me a bit by surprise. And I will be honest and say I wasn’t sure what to expect as it is defiantly more ‘out there’ than a lot of pieces in my wardrobe. I also had a ridiculous amount of DMs when I posted an #ootd on my Instagram story in this blouse. So I thought it might be a good idea to dedicate a post to it.

Anyway, the blouse in question is this the Loavies Got Me Satisfied Black Floral Print Blouse (gifted). I first chose this blouse because without a doubt the print is gorgeous. I haven’t got a floral print like this in my wardrobe and I think there is something really 70s about it. Its perfect for those who like a bit of floral print, but then don’t like some of the girly pastel colours they often come in. For me, I really struggle to wear pastel colours because of my skin tone, so something like this is ideal. 

You need to get this floral blouse from Loavies in your wardrobe *NOW*

Its also a really different style of blouse than I have got, its very structure with a high collar and ruffle details along the shoulders. The high collar was something that I was a little skeptical about, as don’t get me wrong I love a good turtle neck. But this is a high collar button up neckline, a bit like a school shirt. Obviously you can style it undone, with some layered necklaces, but it is out of my comfort zone. 

But because of the colours and the patterns I think it is a really versatile blouse to try and style. I went with my Only Raw Edge Straight Jeans* and my Kurt Geiger Cowboy boots (gifted) which unfortunately I can’t find the link to. However they are very similar to a lot of styles available in shops. I thought this would be a good combination as my Only jeans are raw cut so they add a bit of informality to the outfit. Often blouses can be quite formal looking so this is a good way to dress it down. Then in the summer you could swap the boots out for a pair of sandals or black flip flops. And possible swaps the jeans to a light blue pair, or a denim skirt.

You need to get this floral blouse from Loavies in your wardrobe *NOW*

Even though the blouse is long sleeved, its a very light fabric. It would be perfect for those breezier summer days where you need a little something more than a normal tee shirt. But don’t worry about the arms, the fabric is loose fitting and there is a button on the cuff that you can undo and roll the sleeves up with. Basically adding to its versatility. 

Loavies as a brand, is a brand that I have fallen in love with. Their quality is lovely. I have had multiple pieces from them and can safely say I have never been disappointed. I am 100% a fan. 

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  1. These photos came out gorgeous wow; what beautiful lighting you have indoors. That blouse is so cute.

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